Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July hanging out with great friends, The Dart Family.
We celebrated Emily's 15th birthday then pool hopped in their neighborhood. The girls have been dog sitting for several neighbors with pools. So of course you gotta swim in each of the pools. It was fun. They played all their favorite games like Marco Polo. In the picture, Jared is holding Kaleb up. We have been Homeschooling with the Darts for 8 years now. Kaleb was just 5 months old when we met. They have been giving us wonderful tips on dog training. We always have a great time when we are together.

Stayin' Cool Arizona Style

For all you out of towners. When it's hot, head for water. The park across from our friends house has just been remodeled. The water park has been updated. Victoria says it's "awesome". It has water jets that shoot out of the ground. They have animal shaped water canons, tunnels that spray water. It is really well done and even the bigger kids enjoy getting cooled off. Kirk that is. I'm not sure who was shooting who first with water, Kirk or the kids. And of course for any bystander that accidently gets sprayed will be dry in a matter of minutes. It has a touch sensitive pad that the kids just have to lay their hand over to get the water running again when it runs out. A perfect way to wear out the kids after being cooped up in the house.


This is our crazy little dog, Henry. Or when he's in trouble, it's more like "Henry James!" He is a bundle of energy & still has alot of "puppy" in him, but he's been a great addition to the family. Of course, the cats & rabbits might contest that opinion, & the goldfish really doesn't care (his life has not been adversely affected). Either way, he's a keeper. You learn to forgive alot having a dog. He has been forgiven for multiple chewed stuffed animals, legos, eaten crayons, PB & J's, tuna sandwiches, carrots, the list goes on. He is extremely friendly so the chance of having a watch dog is out of the question. He may lick the intruder to death. He has great skills of jumping. He can jump over 5 ft. high. That comes in handy when he wants something you have. He hasn't learned to ask yet. We love him.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Trying to figure this out

Okay, I am on my own. I am trying to figure this out and I am not sure just what to do. But I see myself as someone to just go "Do it". So here goes. So if it doesn't work I just wont tell anyone to look at it. HeeHee.
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