Sunday, July 2, 2017

Checking out Bear Lake

Jared, who has been working in Bear Lake for the past year has been telling us that the lake is very full. We decided to see what the parking situation was like since we are planning on heading to Bear Lake on Monday for the 4th of July. Of course, we had to stay a little while since we were there.
Jared even stopped by after work and ate a late lunch.
 I have never seen the water level this high. It is awesome!
We had awesome snow this past winter and boy has it paid off!
 My sweet country girl Daphne with her shade hat and loads of sunscreen on.
 We brought the sun lizard Nana, with us.
She is always game to do just about anything.
But she said that she won't float down the canal 
with us because the water is too cold.
 Notice anything different about this gorgeous girl Victoria?
She found me a tiny heart rock perfectly shaped.
Have you figured it out yet?
No More Braces!
She has a beautiful smile. We all keep staring at her.
She looks so different. She was a beautiful girl before but those teeth!
I love that smile!
I actually think her dimples show more.
 And if you know Victoria, you know that there is a lot of goofiness too!
 Happy Summer!

Baby Hawk

We have a hawk's nest in our Norwegian Spruce that is a super old and super tall right in our front yard. We have been watching the mother bring it mice. Our poor chickens will run for cover into the bushes when they see the mother swoop over the yard. You can tell when the mother leaves the nest because the baby will repetitively cry until she returns.
 For it being a baby it sure is large.
 I love watching all the butterflies that summer brings.
They are so beautiful.
They have a purpose and a daily mission. If you watch them long enough, we have noticed their pattern for checking out each flower for nectar. It is really interesting.

Thunder's Nap

This crazy kitten cracks us up almost every day.
Say "that" 10 times fast.
Thunder will seek out someone almost every day so you can hold her while she takes her nap.
She literally wanted in Daphne's arms and immediately snuggled in for her nap.
We don't mind, if there is a book nearby to read.....

Bathing Mr. Peabody

If you know anything about billy goats, you know they stink.
And you will know why they stink.
It's bath day because he stinks!
And Jacks doesn't like it when it rains, therefore he doesn't like to be bathed.
But he weathered quite well and didn't create too many problems.
We figured we might as well bathe Sven too.
It's good to get them used to doing all sorts of things.
We already know that he can scale a 5 foot fence from a stand still 
so we thought we would find out how he does with the hose and water.
He is really cute so, right now he can do just about anything and get away with it.
Though we wouldn't let him nibble on Victoria's pony tail....his favorite thing.
Our pregnant mama, Lizzy is about to give birth any day now.
I love our garden.
I love to eat what comes out of it too.
Since this picture has been taken, our plants have tripled in size.
It always amazes me how awesome Our Lord's creations are.