Monday, March 27, 2017


Little Sven needed someone to cuddle with so Victoria found her horse that her Dad had dried in the clothes dryer making his mane all frizzy.
I have no idea why she kept the horse with a frizzy mane but she did. 
Now it's Sven's buddy.
I know you're jealous of our vinyl 70's flooring and our disgusting cabinets!
Unlike our beautiful bathroom, the kitchen isn't done yet.
We have plans that we will be starting very soon.
It will be done in phases.
So for now we have a little goat clip clopping around the kitchen.

A Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy Bathroom

I can't believe that this is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in. 
Remember, the house was built in 1906 so they didn't have an upstairs bathroom when the house was built. It was added into a closet sometime in the 60's.
I am thankful for this added bathroom.
We spent 10 weeks on this project!
10 weeks without a second toilet and sink!!!
This is my favorite room now....the only one completely done with molding and everything!
I like to turn on the light just to look at it.
It is so bright and cheery!
I love it.
I especially love the mirror! 
It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason.

Our new baby!

We have a new baby! This is Sven. We picked him up when he was only hours old and have been bottle feeding him. Our friend's goat had a tough time giving birth to this little guy and his sister( who didn't make it). They were both really big. In fact they were the same size as the kids that were born three weeks ago. Our friend couldn't bottle feed with two little ones of her own under the age of 3 and the other does are about to give birth. Sven's poor mama is actually doing quite well considering how hard it had been for her in labor.
He is the sweetest little guy.
He sounds like a little elf giggling when he cries.
Our friend named all the babies with a Disney theme. So they already had Robin Hood and Little John, Bambi, Thumper, Pocahontas, Victoria named this little guy Sven from the reindeer in Frozen. 
I think he fits his name.

Healthy Air

It is said that lichen growing on trees is a sign of  healthy air...
Well, we have lots of lichen on our trees in our own yard.
It feels good to know that we are breathing healthy air.
I love it when it rains, the lichen just soaks up all the moisture and gets all 
puffy, turning a vibrant green.

Early Morning Helper

Lightening loves to cuddle and hang around your neck whether you want to or not. 
He was especially cuddly early in the morning while
 Jared was trying to make his lunch for work so to
 preoccupy him, Lightening rode around in his hoodie. He would reach 
around Jared's neck and try to grab whatever was in Jared's hand. 
It was pretty cute.

The History of Ice Skating

Victoria participated in our Homeschool History Fair
Leave it to her to choose the topic of Ice Skating for a History Fair.
She did an excellent job researching the topics like the first skates, 
who invented the Sal Chow jump, when was the first time 
women shortened their skirts to their knees 
and what year Ice Skating was accepted into the Olympics.
Great Job Victoria!

What the?!? Antarctica?

Did you know that tortoises can do a double take?
I witness Alex doing that very thing on Feb 23 after a snow storm.
He meandered out to the kitchen and stopped 
halfway to study what was outside the window.
I watched for a little bit.
He approached the sliding glass door cautiously.
Then he walked right up to it which he rarely does 
and stuck his head way up to get a better look.
He just sat there looking outside.
I could only imagine what he was thinking because
 just the day before was green grass and hints of Spring.
 The dogs saw Alex looking out the window so they decided to sit there too.
They were probably wondering what he was looking at.


Lightening doesn't get any cuter than this.
He is the sweetest cat....until he walks in the house 
with blood on the face only to find a headless vole sitting on the back door mat!

Winter Dog Agility Trials

Kaleb and Victoria ran Sammy and Henry in the Winter Agility Trials.
All the dogs were rusty from being cooped up all winter
 but did great and had a wonderful time.
This was Sammy's first time aside from just regular practice. 
The second time around you could tell that he was enoying himself. It was so cute.
 Henry was.....well, he was Henry! He was so excited to be there that he wouldn't listen to Victoria at all. Most of the other kids all have pure bred dogs that are bred for obedience.
Henry is a mutt and stubborn and super smart....and stubborn!
Victoria actually has to work harder than most because Henry is a challenge.
On a good day he is super speedy, but today he had other plans.
 My OCD Germaphobe son chose the dog shampoo as his prize for Sammy.

17 and 21!

 Happy Birthday Kaleb! 
Where did my little guy go that would hang on the door knobs 
like a monkey while I would open or close the door?!
Happy Birthday Jared! 
You're not my little boy anymore.
 I have to look up now when I talk to you!
You guys are awesome and everyday is an adventure!