Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miniature Horse Show

The girls and I just had to check out these miniature horses! They are the most adorable, petite little horses. We absolutely fell in love with these little guys. Daphne and I asked lots of questions in hopes that one day we will possibly own one...or two... someday.
Daphne has been studying Equine Science this year. We both have learned alot. Now we just need a horse to round out our studies along with a larger Hmmm. We could call it a school project.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My little baker bakin' oatmeal chocolate cookies. I was scheduled to work today but was cancelled. Perfect time to make cookies. She is very independent at cookie making for a four year old. Kathy...this is the apron I made her for her birthday. It has really cute little kitties on it. By the way...the cookies were delish! Nothing like home baked goodies.

Victoria's Baptism

We baptized Victoria on Sunday at our new church All Saints Lutheran Church. It was a wonderful and beautiful occasion. We are committed to encouraging our children to have a relationship with God. One that they will keep their whole lives. Pastor Joe made sure to use Victoria's whole middle name...Elizabeth Sophia. I think he was giving us a hard time because she has two and it is long. I think she fits her name. I always feel that the name a parent gives a child is actually the name that God has chosen for that baby. Victoria looked beautiful. She looked like a little princess. I really felt like she was being filled with the Holy Spirit. It brought a tear to my eye watching her. So...I was baptized Catholic...Kirk, Daphne, Jared and Kaleb were baptized Presbyterian. So now Victoria has been baptized Lutheran. Plus Kirk, Daphne, Jared and I were also Baptized Christian. So I think we have all of our bases covered.

Air Show

We ventured out to Luke Air Force Base for their annual air show. We spent...are you ready...two hours in line waiting to get in! We were a little concerned that they wouldn't let us bring in food. No need to worry...we ate it all before we even got in the gates.We had plenty of time to catch up with my parents and see what has been up in their lives. The kids did really well considering the air temperature. It was hot. It is really nice that the base does this. Where else would you get an opportunity to sit in a helicopter. Of course Jared or my Dad could tell you exactly what kind of helicopter. So for me, I will just call it a helicopter.
These were the Blue Angels. It amazes me how they keep their position in formation no matter if they are upside down or side ways. Totally awesome!
Nothing like a snowcone on a hot day. Either Victoria or her wolf are determined to get every drop. This is funny. Kaleb kept looking at this hook. I knew what he was thinking but I wasnt sure if he was really going to attempt to stand on it or not. You are actually supposed to sit on it. Anyway, he did it. It was so funny because he was hanging on for dear life. The pilot just chuckled. It must be every boys dream.
Jared looks a little too happy with this machine gun. Makes a mother worry. There was a kid just before Jared who asked the pilot if there were bullets in the machine gun. The guy at first said "No" plain as day and then did a double take and said "yeah, there are bullets in this gun with thousands of civilians around and a kid at the trigger", "No there aren't any bullets in this thing...what do you think we are nuts?"
This was just a pretty plane. A biplane from WWI. I do know that much. Kids were taking turns at the wheel of this Jeep. Every once in a while someone would get in and beep the horn. It was such a loud shrieking type beep that it would startle the person (mostly a little kid) that they would jump out and think they did something wrong and walk away like...I wasn't doing anything. Sometimes it's funny to people watch. Here we are hanging out in the shade of a massive wing waiting for the Blue Angels to appear. We were all hot and tired from walking around. It gave us the last bit of umph we needed to hike to the van in a massive dust cloud in a field.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Field Trip!

The best way to slow down in life is go to the zoo and walk. It had been so long since we did something like that I decided it needed to be done. Life is too hectic. There is something about watching an elephant fiddle with a barrel that makes you stop and slow down. Great idea! Huh! Everytime we visit the zoo we have somehow gotton a picture of the kids on this Lion. Daphne was trying desperately to get on but there just wasn't any room. I think she was kneeling on it's back. I am always impressed how this elephant looks so real. You can see every wrinkle. We have a picture of Daphne sitting here when she was 18 months old. With a little white eyelet hat.
Sorry Daphne you're not quite the Spring Chick you once were...You've blossomed into a full grown swan.

In case you have never seen the Mexican Maned wolf here it is. When it walked it looked like it was walking on stilts. It was wierd.
This was the funniest little meercat. This is how Henry sits leaning up against the wall or the door waiting for someone to let him in. It is a crack-up to see.
Daphne took this picture of her brothers and Dad in the monkey cage. Not really, it was the giraffe feeding platform. Except you can't feed them anymore. Bummer. So now I guess it is a caged observation deck.


This is what big brothers do with little sister's bike. It actually takes skill to ride a bike with the handle bars backwards and pedal on something way too small. It was funny to watch considering that this was the same bike that he used to wear with a diaper and a tank top with his red fireman's hat on. In fact it still has his name license plate on it next to the barbie bell that was Daphne's.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day to Ya!

We wish you the luck of the Irish to ya this St. Patty's Day. Daphne took this picture of these beautiful clover under the slide. I see weeds...she sees shamrocks...

It's Mine!

I discovered this left-over burrito in the fridge. The issue we have in our house is if you want something you either have to hide it in the back of the fridge or in this case put your name on it. Kirk loves left-overs for lunch and he has noticed that recently there is nothing left over. I am doing my best to make enough for dinner and lunch the next day but it has become a challenge with two teens in the house. Jared is doing his best to eat us out of house and home. You must never leave your plate unattended because Jared or the dog will eat what is on it. Don't even look away. It may not be there when you look back.

Rest in Peace

Tribute to Captain Finless. The fish is dead. Oh that sounds kind of mean. But he was a fish after all. This 29 cent feeder goldfish lived 3 1/2 years. We were not expecting it to live that long. He was meant to "season" a new tank before stocking it with tropical fish. That never happened. But what was more unique in this situation is that this fish lacked fins! He had no fins! Just a tail. A torpedo shaped body that wiggled to manuever himself. Who knows what happened. Fins or no fins. He was loved.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Presentation is Everything

I walked into the kitchen and caught Victoria on the counter slicing cheeze for her crackers. She likes to be in control. Hmmm. I wonder where she gets it from. Anyway, I sliced the cheeze for her and this is how she displayed her snack. Her idea. She makes her Daddy proud.

Track and Field Day

It was Track and Field day with our Homeschool group. What a great day to be outside and have some fun. This was Victoria's age group of 4/5's. She planned all week to wear her Wolf hat because she felt it would make her faster. I guess it worked because she came in 1st in the obstacle race and 2nd in the 100 yard dash.Check out this form. Our friend Dana would be impressed to see her do the Shotput.
Jared was only planning on helping until the coordinators realized that they had quite a few 13 year olds. So they got to run the course and do all of the events and have a few laughs.
It is absolutely hilarious watching these bigger kids squeezing through the tunnels in the obstacle course wearing bunny ears for kicks. I think the tunnel has seen better days. The wire form broke through. Kaleb and his friend Zach (to the right of Kaleb) did an awesome job in all of their events.
How do you like the Javelin? It is actually very tricky to throw a pool noodle straight especially on a breezy day. Some of the boys would throw it really hard thinking that their strength would make it go far only to have it get caught by the wind and either send it straight up and blow behind them or straight down. Then the girls would throw it and it would sail perfectly.
When the teens were done helping they got to do the courses. They are all such "Hams"...especially the boys or should I say...Young Men. I can't believe these guys and girls were the same little boys and girls from when we started Homeschooling 10-12 years ago. They are all turning out to be wonderful young men and women.

Tree Climber

Victoria has discovered that she is finally big enough to climb the orange tree. So now occasionally I will look outside to check on her and find her up the tree. This tree has been somewhat a right of passage in our family. Each of the kids have grown up with this tree and have discovered one day that they could climb it. The look on their face that first time is awesome. You would have thought they climbed Mt. Everest or something. Though I have to say that Daddy was very impressed with the fact that Victoria was wearing flip-flops. She is definately my child.


Nothing like a good game of Horseopoly with a great friend! Rachelle and Jared managed to play an entire game in a busy afternoon.


This is living proof that naps still exist even when you give them up for Lent!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conversations in the Back Seat.

Yesterday we were driving along and Jared, Rachelle and Kaleb were sharing with eachother what they gave up for Lent. Jared was sharing that he gave up playing the PS2 and Rachelle had given up time on the internet except for school research. Kaleb gave up pizza! (I think his Dad is sacrificing more). In fun I asked Victoria if she had given up screaming? She said "Yeah............and NAPS!" We laughed so hard. She really meant it too. I am sure that she will be reminding me today when I try to get her to take a nap.