Friday, October 14, 2011

One Day Away

We are just one day away from packing the truck to move. 
After 17 years of living in our home we are moving out.
I almost cried when I set our phone number to be disconnected after we leave.
We moved in when Daphne was just two years old. The house felt huge after living in a condo.
Now, after three more children who are growing taller than the parents and two dogs, our sweet little home feels mighty cramped.  The rooms feel spacious with only the mattresses on the floor.
I have suggested to just get rid of it all (jokingly) and live a simple life with no real furniture or belongings. 
That didn't go over too well.
Though we have currently rid ourselves of anything that isn't being used.
Dave Ramsey would be so proud of us.
I guess we are on to new adventures.
Wish us luck, we are going to need it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

We Can Do It!

I have always loved this picture of Rosie the Riveter.
I don't necessarily like the whole Womans Lib movement but I do believe in the rights of women.
My parents raised strong women.  Plus I think genetically it was passed down through my mother.
We have been known to "hold our own". 
This world needs strong men and women who are humble and compassionate.
I was feeling the effects of this whole "Move to Logan", and thought of this picture as I was organizing and packing.  Moving takes so much organization and planning.
I am a good planner and yes..I know...a Control Freak with a capital "CF".
I think that was yelled at me this week as I was unpacking something to make it fit better in a different box. 
Go ahead, I can handle it.  The fans did fit better when I re-packed the have to admit it.
Anyway, I have used every single skill I have to make this move with the exception of CPR.
I don't plan on using that one.
So with a little elbow grease and buckets of Faith,

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Phillippians 4:13

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Presbyterian Church of Logan

This church is old and beautiful. 
It was established in the mid 1800's.
I can only imagine what it will look like with snow drifts piled on the steps.
This just might be our new church. 
It has a choir, a bell choir and a children's choir.
They have a good youth group and lots of kids in middle and elementary school.

A Great Weekend!

Corn Shucking Party!
My cousin Rich and my Aunt Carol came up for the weekend. 
It was great being surrounded by so much family.
It was time for the corn to be harvested.  So we set up an assembly line. 
We all had our jobs.
Some shucked the corn, Rich cut it off the cob with a knife.
Then we had to blanche it, bag it and freeze it.
It was fun.

The same weekend we watched a lawn mower race at the Scarecrow Festival at Malad Fairgrounds.
It was hysterical.  Some of these guys really got into souping up their ride on lawnmower and rode it like a dirt bike.
Everyday, Victoria watches to see how Kathy wears her beautiful long hair
so she can wear hers the same way.
It is really cute.
Kathy braided Victoria's hair in a rope braid the other day so that is her latest desire of the day.

While at the fair grounds, Rich and Kathy went for a helicopter ride. 
Rich is just short a few hours to having his helicopter pilot license. 
It was so nice to see brother and sister do something together. 
They flew over Kathy's house.  You can see the garden and our van.  It isn't just anybody who has an aerial view of their home.
It has been fun spending time with my cousins. 
I love them. They are a lot of fun.

School still in session!

In spite of everything that is going on in our lives,
we have managed to still start our school year.
Even Daphne has two online classes that she has been keeping up with. 
I am really proud of the kids dedication to maintaining some sort of a school schedule
no matter what it might be.
It has it's challenges.  Everyone has their own box of books along with whatever supply one might need.  Nothing like traveling around town with a box of chemistry supplies or a tub of math blocks in the back of the van.
All five of us are staying in Blue's room.   We fit really well.  Victoria's hair was met with the first rays of sunshine of the morning.  Her hair sizzled in the sunshine.
We each had a place to sleep.  Our bags fit perfectly under the beds.
Zeus would sneak up the stairs and hang out with us during school time.  Victoria was trying to write and he kept gnawing on her pencil eraser.  He is so cute.  I had to keep reminding the boys to not wrestle with him so hard.  He is so tiny compared to our dogs.  It is funny though how he keeps coming back for more.  He never gets enough of play time.
Victoria calls this "Outside School". 
The weather is obviously beautiful. 
Otherwise we would not have been outside doing our school work.
It is so peaceful and quiet...listening to the crickets and the hens.
We accomplish quite a bit outside until a breeze kicks up or a grasshopper jumps onto your book. 
A nice break from the heat of the desert.