Saturday, December 10, 2016

Winter Ice Skating Show 2016

We were so excited to hear that both our girls were going to be in the same Winter Show this year. Victoria is a member of the Cache Valley Figure Skating Club and Daphne takes Ice Skating through Utah State University with the same coaches that they have had through the Learn to Skate Program from the time that we moved to Logan.
Victoria had one number with the club and then she skated her first solo to "To Feel Alive". It is the music to the second Percy Jackson movie during the credits. 

 Here the coaches are what Victoria calls....criticizing us!
It is great to be able to learn how to take criticism.
These are all wonderful skaters and are pretty tough kids.
You have to be to work closely with a coach and risk the fall factor that they often do.
 It is crazy to watch the speed that they skate at.
During club practices they power skate and do some of the same sprints that
 basketball players do touching line to line....but on ice!
 It is also so amazing to see them stop on a dime from top speeds.
 I love that she loves what she is doing. You can see it in her face every time she is on the ice.
 I also love watching the big kids with the little kids. In a group like this, the big ones are always helping along the little ones especially if they struggle to keep up. 
 This girl has balance.....
 Daphne's college group skated to "Hot Chocolate" from the Polar Express dressed in PJ's.
It was cute and very well done. She has a lot of fun in this group and has strengthened her body and balance. It is fun to watch her on the ice too.
 The pin wheels always make me nervous. I was glad to see Daphne in the middle. I could just see her being flung off to oblivion if she were on the end!
 USU college group.
 The grand finale. We didn't get any still pictures of Victoria's solo due to the lighting. It was video taped. I might try to upload that if I can get it to work.
 Victoria's skating dress for her solo. Her friend Tabitha brought her flowers.
 I thought that was so cute. I just wish the picture hadn't turned out horrible blurry.
 Yeah....the baby sister!
 Beautiful girls!
 Victoria and her wonderful coach Betz. Victoria has learned so much from her and 
works really well with her.  It cracks me up how little she is.
 Victoria, at 12, is about to pass her up in height.