Monday, March 7, 2011

Kaleb's Waffle

Kaleb made waffles on Saturday morning....We don't know how he did it but all of the waffles came out this way. We thought the first was a fluke but then he mastered his technique and created these really cool, crispy, Grand Canyon like waffles. They were really good. And probably only half the Weight Watchers points since they were only half filled. Thank you Kaleb! The first one he overflowed when he dropped the lid...batter oozed everywhere. I felt pretty proud of myself that I didn't become a crazed woman, foaming at the mouth over spilt milk.I was pure calm as Kaleb is running in circles trying to figure out what to do about all of the batter spilling out the sides. Maybe it was because he was frantic I didn't need to be. Whew. Kind of nice to have someone else freaking out over something for once. He wouldn't believe me that it was okay for the waffle iron to look as if it was a 10 month old, who doesn't want to eat its peas. And that it was easier to clean up when it was baked on rather than just batter. Either way I told Kaleb that someday he would make his future wife proud that he knows how to cook. Now if I can just get Jared to stop setting off that smoke alarm.

New Outfits

Daphne has been working on her own designs for doll clothes. If you can master a small scale you can master a much larger scale. She has all of the basics down for following a pattern. She designed Kaya a new outfit, altered a couple patterns, and sewed this all on her own. It turned out great. I am glad that she enjoys sewing as much as I do.
I finished the little red skirt and top for Victoria's doll Molly. It was really easy to do too with great results. I love it when I have only a half an hour to do something for myself and am able to whip out something really cute in the end.


I never know what I will find on the camera when I download pictures. I have no idea who took this one. I do know it was NOT Kaleb. I was fascinated by this picture of Kaleb. Even though his neck looks like a lizard that has been starved...his eyes are open! I think we now have exactly two pictures of Kaleb with his eyes open wide enough to see his pupils. Amazeing!