Friday, July 1, 2016

A beautiful day in paradise

Sometimes I look around and I can't believe what I'm seeing. Huge trees, green grass, weeds.....big weeds..... and these precious little kids who are three weeks old now!
God has been so good to us.
 Jared let Lizzy and the babies out so that he could build them a new gate that will be easier getting in and out of with an actual latch. Jacks, in true goat form, is an escape artist. So these gates will be so much better at keeping them in when they are supposed to be in.
Lizzy gave a quick word after getting her hooves trimmed by Kaleb and the little kids were nursing in an instant. They can be a little brutal when they feed. They use their poor mom as a punching bag, but Lizzy takes it in stride and lets them do it.
 Thunder is very social and will come running when you call her name. One of her favorite things to do is play with the rope swing.. 
 We have never had outside cats before. I pray for them all the time that God's band of angels will take care of them and keep them out of harms way. In the mean time, I really enjoy having them outside. Thunder loves to hang out with me while I work in the garden. I lose track of time playing with the animals. I thought this was cute how she was playing with a branch from the pine tree.
 In the mean time, her laid back brother, Lightning loves to be held, turned up side down and rubbed. 
They are growing so fast I wish they would just slow down....just a bit.
 Ella wondering where her mama went.
 I love that we can spend so much time outside. I have a secret spot in the yard where it is quiet and hidden. It took the kids quite some time to find out where it was. They would call me on my phone to find out where I am. 
 Victoria's reading buddy.
 When you have goats, nothing is sacred. They taste everything and might possibly eat it too. The kids were most curious about Jared's tool belt lying on the ground with all kinds of neat tools to pick up and drop. We pulled out kayaks out for tomorrow and of course PJ had to see what it would be like to stand on them.
 Kaleb decided to move the kittens outside while they took down the canoe in the shop. 
 Aren't they sweet?
I find myself finding a reason to go out to the barn just so I can play with them.
 Lovin on each other.
Jared is awesome!
One gate down, one to go.
Jacks is looking forward to his day out.
He was pretty jealous of Lizzy and was giving me the most pathetic bleating I have ever heard. He sounded like he was whining, he probably was....
I think I see a kitten in with the goats.

Our Garden

I love spending time tending to our garden. I noticed that Kirk really does too. He seems to be in charge of making sure it gets watered. And now that he has the irrigation water piped in from the canal makes it tons easier...and cheaper.
 I was stringing up our tomatoes while 5-7 swallowtails fluttered in and out to drink from the mud. I hadn't seen them at first and then was just amazed when I spotted them right behind me.
They stayed there for almost an hour. 
 Our corn looks beautiful at knee high. Look at the upper portion of the photo and you will see a butterfly flying toward you. I can lose myself when I am in the middle of a butterfly swarm. 
I love it.
 We are already harvesting broccoli, but haven't seen the actual cauliflower or the brussel sprout yet. The squashes are coming along. We planted zucchini (of course), summer squash, pumpkin, pie pumpkin, butternut squash, and jack be littles. We have tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, peas, green beans, pickling cucumbers and oriental cucumbers. Lots of lettuce staggered so we will have it all summer. The spinach and kale is struggling because someone who has now been forbidden to touch a hoe dug it up twice. Third times a charm. Oh, and we have onion, garlic, cabbage, carrots, watermelon, dill, cilantro and oregano.

Backpacking Right Hand Fork

 We headed up Right Hand Fork to backpack overnight. We were on limited time so it was just an overnighter unfortunately. We are all in better shape than we have in the past. The girls packs were 25 pounds. I think they did quite well considering that half the hike in was up hill.
I love being a family together, spending time out in the wild.
Victoria planted herself hiking between the boys who were in the lead.
 There is just something about rushing water. I love the sound of water. It reminds me of the ocean that we miss deeply. Being near running water and beautiful green foilage in the forest is awesome too. 
 Kirk says this is proof that I was there. I am always the one taking the pictures so you rarely see me.
 There were butterflies everywhere. They fluttered down the gullies and followed the creeks. This pretty blue one is a Silvery Blue. There were tons of Swallowtails.
It was very magical.
 This is Willow Creek.
 This has to be the largest beaver lodge I have ever seen. Off to the right I even saw a beaver.
Cha-ching. I can mark that one off my bucket list. I've now seen a beaver in the wild. We usually only see their tracks or where they dragged trees leaving their footprints behind.

 Break time in the shade.

 Something that I love about our family is that we didn't hear a single complaint out on the trail. Okay, well maybe Victoria asked how much longer when we were hiking up hill for over an hour.
To me that doesn't really count. I was getting tired too but loving the fresh air and the assortment of flowers all along the way.
 The guys cooking!
I have trained them well!
 Sammy staring at the food drooling!
It's all that basset hound in him. Look at all that extra skin in his!
 Our little campsite.
The girls had the tents up before the boys even started.
My motivation was to remove my shoes! I hate shoes.
 And to take a nap...Kaleb already started.
 It was fun to just lay around and talk. It is always a perfect time to catch up and find out what is really going on in our family.
 My cute son, the carpenter!
 Nothing like reading The BFG (for the 4th time now) in the forest with a 35 pound lap dog halfway curled up in my lap. Sammy is my baby.

 This little creek looked like fairies lived here.

 One pooped out pooch. 
About the only time that Henry is under control is when he's tired.
 It is quite an event to wear this guy out. Hiking will usually do it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pure Sweetness!

More Adorableness!

The kitties are venturing further and further from their barn safe haven.
Their favorite thing to do is practicing climbing trees and prowling around the tall grass behind the shop.
I can't help it....they are so cute.
Lightening loves to be held on his back and pet.
They both immediately purr the second you pick them up.
Lightening is spying on Thunder.
See? Look how cute he is!
They find the teeniest little twigs to play with. Who needs cat toys?
Miss Thunder is the one with the crazy energy.
The little boy is a little more layed back.
The kitty doesn't know what to make of the chicks and the chicks don't know what to make of the kitty.
They were hysterical to watch.

New Babies!

So....about March I started to suspect that Lizzy was pregnant.
That rascal Jacks had something to do with that!
Victoria and I couldn't seem to remember when the last time she went into heat. So we counted out 150 days for gestation from when we last remembered and came up with the possibility of having new baby goats June 9th!
We were close! Two new baby goats came into the world on June 8th!
Kaleb and I had just left to go fishing in Logan Canyon when Kirk called and said he was pretty sure that Lizzy was about to give birth. So we high tailed it back home to see these two little miracles just minutes after they were born. Kirk and Victoria saw it all happen.
Lizzy did really well and quickly showed us good motherly instincts
Both babies looks just like mom and simply adorable.
Just seconds old they were licked clean and standing on wobbly little hooves.
This little one above is a buckling. He looks like he has pajama pants on so we are calling him PJ.
His name fits him quite well. He seems to like me. Whenever I walk into their pen he comes up to me for me to pick him up and hold him. I think we have another lap goat like his mama.
This sweet baby is a doeling that Victoria named Ella. Both have beautiful blue eyes like their parents.
One happy Mama.
I love Lizzy's sweet smile.
I think she has done a wonderful job of caring for her little darlings.
Just after they were born and were standing on wobbly legs they were talking to each other. Lizzy was between the two of them responding to each one as they bleated. She kept turning her head, responding and then looking at the other one, responding...over and over until they settled down.
It was so sweet!
Lizzy is already teaching them bad habits. We found all three of them sleeping in the bottom of the hay trough. The babies were tucked under the wire that holds the hay up.
PJ is on the left and Miss Ella is on the right.
24 hours old
Proud mama watching over her little ones.
God's precious little creatures.
We are so blessed to be living where we are living.
Our house may not be up to date and very old but having almost one and a half acres of land where we can have the goats and the garden and everything else that is going on, is something that Kirk and I have waited a lifetime to experience.
And we have it right at our finger tips.
God is  Good...All the Time!