Friday, October 7, 2016

Sunday Games

I love that these guys still like to play games with each other.
That even at the age of 20, 16 and 11, they still enjoy being with each other.
Of course they have two very busy kitties stealing game pieces or playing with cards.
It cracks me up how these two will run up and slide down the slide.
Over and over and over.

Their up, their down, their back up....


Never in a million years would I think that our dogs could be friends with a cat...or two.
I love that they have found companionship with each other.

Deep Canyon

I love our Friday field trips. Science this year is Environmental Science so
of course we have to take it out side.

There had to be about 50 butterflies fluttering about in the this patch of aster flowers. 

We always have so much fun being together....just being goofy.
Whether it is dorky posing or running down a steep mountain
trail like monkeys.

Our very own carpenter.

Jared had a day off in the middle of the week and I found him in the back
 repairing the fence that the horse pushed over.
From what we gather the fence next to the canal (which looks really silty that day)
is over 50 years old. It looks it too.
The new posts are from a couple juniper trees that we had
 to cut down earlier in the summer. 
I love having a son who doesn't like to sit still.
He has done so much work around the house.
I guess I'll have to make him some yummy dessert.
I have no idea how he carries this tool belt around all day.
I can barely carry it let alone wear it. He works hard every day at what he does
and it shows in his craftsmanship and his muscles.

School Kitties

Thunder...making sure it's done right.
Thunder....a hoodie pal.
Thunder and Lightning too tired to do math.


I don't know what is more good lookin'
The beautiful produce that has come out of our garden or this good
 looking guy helping me carry this beautiful produce out of the garden.


Aaahhhh, that felt good. 
Nothin' like throwing the most hated toaster out the back door.
We finally got a new one.
No more burnt toast!