Thursday, February 8, 2018


It was a warm 39 degrees Saturday morning. 
With no snow on the deck it made for a pleasant breakfast on the "veranda".
I think Poppa gave Kaleb those sun goggles quite a few years ago when he found them while cleaning out his garage. Kaleb pulls them out every once in a while to be goofy.
The funny thing to know about Kaleb is that he does these things without telling anyone or drawing attention to himself. He just does things and then we happen upon the situation and just shake our heads. He is a funny guy loving life.

Say Cheese!

Kaleb, the instigator.
Victoria, the crazy partner!
They took a fruit peel like grapefruit, cut teeth in the inner flesh and wedged them in their mouths.
There is NEVER a dull moment in our house.


I think our puppy thinks he is a Cat!

A Warm Lap

So I found this awesome chair for $25 at the thrift store. 
When I called Kirk about it, I said that everyone will probably gross out that
it was from the thrift store or they will all be fighting over who was going to sit in it.
Well, I am relieved to report that everyone loves the chair. It must be the most
comfortable chair we have!
Jared sat down to take a load off and Thunder decided that she wanted to sit too.
You gotta love how cats just take over.
He told me he couldn't get up because Thunder was taking a nap.


 Look what walked up to my back door!
This is why we are going to be adding a mud room on to the back of our laundry.
For the mud monster!
These are the days that he wants to give his Mama a great big HUG!
Thank you....but NO!

Ice Skating

Let me put on my sunglasses!

Happy Birthday!

 Where did all the years go!?
Jared is 22!!!!
For the first time EVER....
we celebrated Jared and Poppa's birthday on the same day.
That's what happens when everyone has their own schedule and you try to find at least ONE day that everyone can be together to CELEBRATE!
Happy Birthday Poppa!
We were afraid if we added 74 candles to the cheesecake
 that we would need a fire extinguisher!
We love both these guys!!!