Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Time Flies

I finally got school pictures up on the wall.
 I can't believe that Kaleb is graduating this year!
Not only will we have a high school graduation but
 Daphne will be graduating from USU as well!
 There was so much goofiness and laughter taking place,
 it was as difficult as the years of trying to get a good picture of a crying baby!
 My little girl that isn't so little anymore!
13 and in the 7th grade!
She is constantly being mistaken for much older than that....
probably because of these two hooligans that she hangs out with!
The three muskateers

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Random March Madness!

This is NASA....come in....Learning Log....Do you read me?
Kaleb is constantly making us laugh at his goofiness.
He is submitting his learning log for last week....why he is wearing sunglasses, I have no idea.
 Kaleb found this little patch of snow in the process of melting...
I am sure that from the beginning of time, Hearts were found everywhere to remind us how awesome God is and that he loves us dearly.
Kirk's day was made when we drove past...
the Wiener Mobile!
Of course he had to sing the song for the rest of the day and drove us all nuts.
 Jasper achieved his AKC Star Puppy award! With the help of Victoria of course.
He really is a Star Puppy. He is a wonderful dog! Though he is growing much bigger than we were expecting. And at 8 months....he's not done growing yet.
He loves to cuddle in bed with me taking up Kirk's entire side of the bed. 
His favorite toy is a shredded/knotted t-shirt. He's going to be awesome at agility!
This was the only picture out of 10 that we got of him not blurry!
He can be a fast mover.

Mc Call, Idaho

 Kathy and I went on a road trip up to McCall, Idaho to where Rich is doing some remodeling on a friends log cabin. It was like a sibling weekend. It was so fun, just the three of us.
 Rich managed to keep tiling the showers and still visit and have fun.
Kathy spoiled me, and Rich by cooking all weekend!
It was such a treat. She wanted to do something nice for me and she ended up spoiling me completely! She drove and paid for food even!
Rich, being the master plumber that he is, is standing in front of his handy work. He put in two water heaters and a soft water system.
 Kathy and I borrowed cross country skis from Rich's wife Sue. This was a dream come true. I have always wanted to try cross country skiing. I loved it. I managed to even do it with an injured knee that is still healing from our back packing trip last summer.
Though Kathy was much better at it than me, I was just happy to be able to do it.
 We tried out this groomed trail for cross country skiing. It was really fun We met up with this really nice lady a couple times who took our picture for us. We watched old men skate skiing with their dogs running at full speed. Kathy and I tried to copy their moves. We weren't very successful.
 This little car drives pretty well in the snow. One of the nights Kathy went out one last time cross country skiing where we had snow shoed earlier that day. When she came back she was so excited because all the cabin lights were on and it was snowing and everything looked so pretty in the dark. So we jumped in her little car and drove up the mountain a ways with the headlights off, the windows down taking in the night, the falling snow and all the cabin lights twinkling. It was really pretty. The crazy fun part was we started to go down this hill. There was a little concern that we wouldn't be able to get turned around and back up the hill since the snow was pretty deep even though it had been plowed. Kathy, in her crazy ways, started backing up backwards up the hill! I was thinking, Holy Cow, you are nuts but go for it....it's working. I kept my eyes forward to watch the road and she was turned around driving backwards. We were laughing so hard when we got up to the top. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
Kathy video taped me cross country skiing walking up a hill with my skis on. I would take a step and start sliding. I was very protective of my knee so I didn't wear it out. It didn't feel really strong so I was having to be careful. I looked at the video later and laughed my BUTT off! I looked absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!
On Saturday, Rich took some time out to show shoe with us. It was snowing non-stop. The snow was piling up on the tree limbs, which held only so much. Every few feet a tree would drop the snow from it's limbs. Rich was waiting for Kathy to get close enough and he would knock the limb to drop it's snow. She was way too smart for him. He couldn't trick her...or me. It was so beautiful and the snow was so deep. It was perfect snow shoeing conditions.
This is the cabin that Rich is remodeling.
It was like staying in a resort....under construction.
The little town was very busy with skiers from a near by ski resort.
 Just down the small hill from the cabin is the water's edge of the lake now iced over, of course.
 This was at the end of the dock. We walked out on to the snow covered ice. It was a little freaky knowing that we were walking out on ice. We let Rich walk out ahead of us and then when he realized that we were hanging back to see if he falls through, which wouldn't happen, it was too thick, he dropped to his knees. It looked like he fell through.
He is such a prankster.
 Photo bomb!
I am so thankful to have them in my life after so many years of us apart. I can't imagine life without them. They are both very fun. We laugh so much when we are together.
I have also learned so much from them too.
It was a very special weekend to spend with just the three of us!

Skiing at Cherry Peak

     Jared, Kaleb and Victoria went skiing with their Aunt Kathy at Cherry Peak on a Friday night a few weeks ago. Well, Victoria snow boarded. I've been corrected.  I wish I could have gone but with a swollen knee I didn't dare. It was in the forecast to snow all evening and it had started pretty early in the afternoon. Kathy met here and picked up the kids in her little car with the little wheels. It amazes me how that little car handles the snow so well. Though the boys did jump out on the road going up to push her car up the hill while the rest of the vehicles were having to back back down because they couldn't make it up.
     Anyway, Jared said that at one point he felt like his hoodie and face was one big piece of ice. He decided to take a picture of himself so he could see what he looked like. That is a lot of ice on his hat and beard.....and he's still smiling!
     Jared and Kaleb were retelling when they saw Victoria at the top of the hill trying to get to the edge so she could come down. She was strapped into her snow board and was jumping as high as she could and forward to get to the edge. They said she looked like one of the army men on Toy Story.
     Kathy was afraid that the kids (who are half adults) were going to back out and leave her stranded to ski by herself. She forgot who she was with because these guys are die hards. They will stay to the end no matter how cold they get. They had a great time on a wild adventure with their fun and crazy Aunt! I just wish I was there.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Warm Spot

I happened to glance out the basement door and saw Lightening keeping warm.
It constantly amazes me how he finds warm places to hang out. He will spend all day outside. The other day Jared found him sleeping in the hay bales. When he came in for the night his little ears were barely cold and he smelled sweet....like hay. He also has a habit of losing his collar with tag so now he is wearing a heart tag because I didn't want to make a special trip to Petsmart to get him his little fishy tag. We are thinking about making him Shrinky Dink tags so we don't have to blow 5 bucks for an engraved tag. Who knows where he loses them. 
 He lives a mysterious life.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


It was a warm 39 degrees Saturday morning. 
With no snow on the deck it made for a pleasant breakfast on the "veranda".
I think Poppa gave Kaleb those sun goggles quite a few years ago when he found them while cleaning out his garage. Kaleb pulls them out every once in a while to be goofy.
The funny thing to know about Kaleb is that he does these things without telling anyone or drawing attention to himself. He just does things and then we happen upon the situation and just shake our heads. He is a funny guy loving life.

Say Cheese!

Kaleb, the instigator.
Victoria, the crazy partner!
They took a fruit peel like grapefruit, cut teeth in the inner flesh and wedged them in their mouths.
There is NEVER a dull moment in our house.