Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jack's Valentine to US

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I pee on my face.....
Because I LOVE YOU!

Disgusting Floor!

Most people vacation during the holiday season.
Not us.
We rip up linoleum and steam it off the floor on our hands and knees.
This is a disgusting job and moving cabinets reveal horrible walls with old laminate adhered to the wall! Who in their right mind would put the sink in the middle of this tiny kitchen, I have no idea!
We started stripping the floor to expose the wood flooring and decided to go a little further and move the refrigerator, and move the sink to the wall where we want it. The intention is to see if we like this configuration that Kirk and Jared thought up taking into consideration the "work triangle". 
I will never for get my 19 year old son talking about work triangles.
I was very impressed that he knew what that was and that he was figuring out our kitchen based on a work triangle.
 Now he's almost 22 and knows everything....whew! 
Good thing.

 Cats and holes in the walls don't mix.
I caught Lightning by his back legs as he was diving through the hole in the wall.
Kaleb blocked it with a piece of paper. I don't think they can read
 but at least we don't have a cat in the wall.
We were very relieved to see that the floor was intact under the sink.
Only holes to patch...which Jared did nicely. 
That is some real vintage dust under that cabinet.
Look at this beautiful, mix matched kitchen.
The counter tops are a crazy match with silicon sealant between the tops to keep water from spilling through the cracks. I got tears in my eyes, no kidding, to have that stupid sink out of the center of the kitchen. There is so much more room it is unbelievable!!!!
 We still have green marbled formica counters with a white piece in the corner.
We have pieces of wood nailed between the cabinets so the cats don't get in there.
We have OSB for flooring over by the slider.
Pieces of the laminate on the side of the cabinets get caught on your clothes, ripping it off....and we don't care.
We have down sized one top cabinet and one lower cabinet in the teeny kitchen.
We have half our kitchen supplies and food in the basement.
We have holes in the plaster, old exposed wallpaper and red laminate that needs to be removed from the wall.
I love our new configuration.
We are one step closer to getting the kitchen remodeled.

Sledding in the Sinks

One of our favorite things to do.
Go sledding.
All those that are able. Unfortunately, I have a swollen knee from our backpacking trip last summer! UGH! So that left me on snow shoes and at the top of the hill.
Oh well.
I love watching the kids go down and seeing how long it takes them to trek back up.
Kaleb rode down the mountain with snowshoes on so he could get back up the hill better.
I think his theory worked.
 When did these guys get so old?
 We spent a few hours sledding and snow shoeing (Kaleb and I)
and then headed over to Bear Lake.
 Kirk looks like a mountain man with his beard.
 Daphne is on the donut tube and the little spec treking up the hill.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Headley's
and the Thomas'
We spent the day with these crazy people 
and had a pretty good time just lounging
 around, opening presents, talking...eating!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Work in Progress

Kaleb, Victoria and I are painting a nativity of peg dolls this past week.
We aren't quite finished yet. We are looking for a wooden box for them to be in that we are planning on painting the inside like the stable in Bethlehem.
We are also in need of more animals, a manger and they all need to be sprayed with sealer, which will need to be much warmer outside to do that.
We researched various options for their clothing.
 Kaleb was inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark for a shepherds attire. 
I am impressed how the kids drawing and painting skills have improved over the years.
They added highlights and shading in all the right spots.
A perfect project for Christmas.
I am so thankful that we have Jesus nestled in our hearts.
I can't imagine not having that relationship with our Messiah,
Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace,
the King of Kings.

Look Mom!

I remember the days when Victoria would bring me a rock or a fistful of 
dandelions when she was just a little thing.
 And now at 13, she is still bringing me things.
 Except now I can are NOT bringing that in the house!

Gotta Love Carhart

This is how Jared dresses when it is 11 degrees outside.
It just amazes me how this guy will work in freezing temperatures building houses in the winter.
It cracks me up that when it is in the 40''s considered warm.
Who knew that this desert rat would weather the cold like he does.