Saturday, August 19, 2017

Backpacking with Mom

Really I should be saying Backpacking with the Boys.
Kaleb and I have been talking about backpacking from Tony's Grove to Green Canyon since winter. I have just been wanting to get back into a place where there isn't much action going on. Really, I would love to hike deep into the mountain and then just sit for a day, listening to the birds and the breeze rustling through leaves.
Instead.....I kept up with the fast pace of the boys, hiking through the wilderness.
I have to chuckle at myself. I always walked fast when the kids were really little. They would be practically running their skinny little legs just to keep up. I told them that it's good exercise to walk fast. all of them are fast walkers, hikers, and now I am having to work harder just to keep up with them.
This is proof that I am a part of this adventure.
 We set off at 5pm on a Friday night after the boys got home from work and showered. 
It was a straight up incline to Naomi Point. These little kids and their Dad passed me up. But then again we had 35 pound packs on our backs.
 This looked like Whoville. 
I guess you could call these flowers. They actually looked like little old men with crazy hair. 
 I was taking pictures with my cell phone so they aren't super clear.
I didn't want to lug around the big camera. I've done that before and it is cumbersome.
 It felt so good to be outside at sundown.
My favorite time of day.

What do you want to do....
I don't know....
What do you want to do....
We could go to that rock......
 We ended up hiking in the dark down to High Creek Lake.
I was a little nervous because my night vision isn't as good as it used to be.
I had asked the boys if they were nervous that it was dark and when they responded with a look like
"what?" I knew that I didn't have to worry. If they aren't worried, I'm not worried.
They are way more experienced that me.
It was weird that me, their mother, was relying on my sons, ages 17 and 21 for security.
I trusted them and they never failed.
My sons are awesome!
 We woke up in this little valley with snow and the start of Spring in July.
Every square foot had wildflowers just about to bloom.
 Of course I was up earlier than the boys. The tents were drenched with dew.
It was crisp, damp, clean and absolutely beautiful.

 This guy is a well experienced coffee maker. Wish I drank coffee.
 We kept passing these Cairons. I think this one looks like a horse.
 The boys were so patient with me.
I was so excited about all the wildflowers. 
It was like being in a blooming wonderland.

 These purple stalks were sooo tall!
They came up to Jared's shoulder and he is 6ft 2in.
 I think a little mouse family lives in that hole.
It could be Tinkerbell.
 We were so tired. We had hiked 7 miles the first night, and then 8 miles the second day. 
I discovered my hiking boots aren't as good as I thought.
But Pizza for dinner with homemade dough was awesome!
 Kaleb made the meal plan and told me what to buy.
We had hamburger and veges the first night, scrambled egg (yes, we packed 6 eggs) burritos for breakfast, tuna for lunch, pizza for dinner and cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning breakfast.
 We even managed to get the top browned.
 As I was watching the boys pack up to head out I happened to notice that my Jared had all blue gear....his favorite color.
And Kaleb had all his gear in green....his favorite color.
It reminded me of when they were little and I would have color coded cups, toothbrushes, clothes their favorite colors. I guess some things you don't grow out of.
 Something went horribly wrong with our cinnamon rolls.
 We ended up making a big biscuit with cinnamon on top. It was good though.
 Something that we need to try again, maybe in the backyard though.

We hiked a total of 20 miles from Friday night to Saturday morning.
Kirk and the girls picked us up walking along side the road. 
I am so happy that I could spend time with my boys....really, I spent the weekend with men.
These guys can really know their stuff. Never once did they complain that I was too slow, or complain when I told them hold on a second, I need to rest a minute, or complain when I had to sit down and take off my shoes and socks to apply about 7 bandaids to three of my toes which I am sure that I will be losing my nails in the next month or so.
I enjoyed listening to their conversations and what their interests are in life...plans for the future.
It was a window into their young lives that I admire and love.
These guys are pretty amazing.
I trusted them when I had absolutely no idea where we were.
They even found me a couple heart rocks to add to my huge collection.
Spending three days, backpacking with a 35 pound pack, three bruised and blistered toes, hiking through wildflowers with my two sons was priceless.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Playing with the Kids

Little Chloe, being the runt, gets pushed out of the way at feeding time so we have bottled fed her since day one. She took to a bottle instantly because the little thing was hungry. 
So now when it is feeding time the others attack their mother's udders and little Chloe stands at the gate waiting for her bottle. She is the sweetest little goat.
She reminds me a lot of her mama. Lizzy has always been very sweet.
My cousin Kathy works in Logan occasionally so now we get to see her more frequently.
She even spends the night on our couch. I love it. Kathy is awesome.
She has always been someone whom I have loved and respected since I was very small.
 Goats are very entertaining.
Need I say more.
 Right when we are playing with the kids, Lightening comes out of the bushes and wants some lovin.
 One of the little boys saw Lightening as another goat....obviously because he jumped over Lightening. Lightening turned around and kind of looked at him like
"what did you do that for?"

Bear Lake Blown Away

The wind kicked up at Bear Lake causing our awning to attempt to fly away.
Kaleb rescued a ball with one of the kayaks, that got away from a group of kids playing.
We all got a workout paddling back into shore
It still turned out to be an awesome day.

Visiting with the Darts

It was so good to visit with Susanna and Emily. We would have loved to have been able to visit with Rachelle but she got called away to early. It was great catching up with their lives and their future plans. It's hard to believe that our families have been friends since Kaleb was 5 months old, 17 years ago. I loved listening to the conversations going on between them.

Pouring Buckets!

A summer rainstorm caught Kirk out in the shop for quite some time. He got tired of waiting for it to let up so he grabbed the kiddie pool as an umbrella.
The chickens were trying to get in out of the was quite a scene with him walking under the pool behind the chickens trying to get the last frazzled hens in out of the rain.

Water Balloon Fight!

 I love that no matter how old they get they still like to "play" together!
The only part that is different is they 
throw harder,
hit their target more,
fall harder,
and play more rough!
 Victoria's only defense is the hose.....
that will last only so long!

Hello World!

Chloe is such a sweet girl!