Monday, May 28, 2012

Green Canyon

 I bet you can guess why this canyon next to our house is called
Green Canyon.
I won't tell you why.  I'll let you figure it out.
It won't be that hard.
 Well, it rained more in the past two days than it ever did
in a year's time in Phoenix.
We weren't sure if we were going to get out for a hike for Memorial Day.
I still can't believe that this beautiful area is practically in our back yard.
 There is just something about a fence and it begging to be climbed.
It is hard to believe that the little one may someday grow taller than the big one.
Hmm.  We'll have to see about that one.
 I looked at this path today. It was completely quiet because all the chatter was way up ahead.  I actually had a few moments to myself. In just looking at this picture, one could question, where does it lead.  I think about our lives at this very moment and can look back on the path that we have been on.  I see a very long journey that has lead us into greener pasture.  I look ahead, and I have absolutely no idea where we are going.
That is the beauty of Life.
 I think I'll just follow the guy with the Kilt.
 My giant of a son. Always needing to be in the front. 
Has a very long stride. Will not hike behind anyone.  Especially Victoria.
And loves to see what is just ahead or around the bend.
Always wants to go a little further.
 And then there is Kaleb.
Well.......need I say more. This is Kaleb.
Don't ask me what he is doing. I don't know what he is doing.
This is Kaleb.
Just kidding, Kaleb is in a funny part of his growing up years.
He makes me laugh at the goofy stuff he does.

 So have you figured out how Green Canyon got it's name?
 This is what a cutie patootie looks like on the trail.
We were doing okay until she thought that the
canyon reminded her of Sherwood Forest and started singing "Men in Tights". 
Of course then her Dad had to chime in.
I was hoping that no one heard.  It is a little embarassing
sometimes listening to him sing as loud as he can....
We are Men, Men in tights, tight tights,
we roam around the forest looking for fights.....
 Experiencing the seasons in Logan has been exciting.
Every month displays something different.
 The colors are vibrant.
We have definately enjoyed our first Spring in Logan.
I love it here.
We have been blessed with so much. 
It helps make the struggles feel a little easier.

Green Beans

Victoria planted these green beans with her Co-op class in April.
They are pretty tasty.

A drive through Logan Canyon

We had a nice drive up to Bear Lake in early May.
There was still a little snow tucked in the shade here and there.
Every time Kirk and I sit together or try to be near eachother,
we have this funny little kid squeeze between us.
Here is a picture of what "enthusiasm" looks like.
On the way out of Logan Canyon we stopped on the roadside at this
natural spring.  I can't seem to remember the name of it.
All of this water is just springing up out of the ground.
Here is Kaleb pretending to jump into the water.
I actually like the shape of his shadow here.
Needless to say, it was a beautiful day for a drive.

Pheasant Pholly

 This spring has brought a pheasant in the field behind our house. 
I love to lose myself out the window, watching whatever wildlife comes prowling around.
This pheasant has taken up residence in the field and
has a girlfriend that he tries to impress daily.
 He makes his rounds of the field in the late afternoon,
scrounging up whatever grub he eats....
crowing like a rooster in the early morning,
He has caught the eye of Kevin.
He's getting closer. 
I wonder if Kevin really thinks he has a chance
at catching a bird that probably out weighs him.
Maybe he just wanted a closer look.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


 I am constantly just amazed at how beautiful
Spring is here!
The girls and I were walking the dogs the other night
and walked past the most fragrant bush.
I knew right away that it had to be lilacs!
I took these pictures because I just know that Nana would love to see them.

Little Boys.

 The little boys are growing!
They are so cute and becoming more confident in life.
They are the sweetest little things. 
The other day we saw them kick up a little dust running in circles in the pasture.
 The little dark one stays consistently near it's mother.
He always seems to be nursing. 
 So maybe like a true boy, he keeps his food close by.
This little guy appears to be more aware of his surroundings.
He will get a burst of energy and sprint and then flop down in a patch of tall grass.
I love that they are so close to where we
live that we can walk to see them every day.
We love it here.

Friday, May 4, 2012

21 Years Today!

This is a picture of two people,
two very young people,
who fell in love,
completely naive to what is ahead of them,
not knowing what lay ahead,
not knowing what life would bring......
This is a picture of the same couple,
who are no longer naive to what was ahead of them LONG AGO...
Who have donned themselves with armor,
and have survived many long years of battle
who have wrestled many, many years with the wild life
(you try to stuff an octopus in a bag, Jared)
who have endured the deserts in life,
and crime.
And through it all,
through 21 years of the knot bound together,
they are still smiling,
still laughing,
still sharing,
still loving.
Notice that "I" have the bigger weapon!