Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Lives in a Nutshell

In July we took a family vacation.  The first one in a while and much needed.  Life was bliss and perfect in every way.  Our family and Nana and Poppa and our nephew Kyle headed for California for a long weekend at Disneyland.  First stop...the beach!
It was almost painful feeling how much we miss the beach, the sand, the waves....
Next...we spent the next three days at Disneyland.  It was awesome. 
 Daphne drove Poppa around.  I remember doing that as a little girl.  It brought back memories.
 Can't go to Disneyland without visiting Pooh Bear and Tigger. 
We went to having fun to this....
Our home was broken into while we were gone.  They pretty much cleaned us out.  They even checked the toy cash register. The thiefs left a huge mess. Before we left for Disneyland we had decided to move to Logan, Utah at the end of the school year. we are doing this...
We have decided to move now. 
Why not. 
We don't want to live in our neighborhood any more...  So we are packing.  We don't have jobs here and we don't have jobs there, so what's the difference.
God has an incredible plan for our family.  He has been unfolding it in fast forward though.  A little hard to keep up with.  We are excited to be starting a new chapter in our lives but sad to leave friends and family behind.  We will have to post the updates!