Friday, October 30, 2015

USU Homecoming Parade

 Troop 1 was in the USU Homecoming Parade again.
This is a highlight of their year to think up something new for a quick and easy float idea.
Kaleb and one of the other Dads built a stair mountain for the younger boys to stand on like the soldiers at Iwo Jima putting up the American flag. In this case it was this old antique flag that the boys found in the basement of the church they meet in.
Troop 1 is the oldest troop west of the Mississippi.

October's Harvest

October brought the end of our garden. I was so relieved to not have to be weeding and feeding and picking and weeding and feeding..... I am always so eager to get our seedlings started and then by the end of the season I can't wait to rip out the zucchini bush. 
We got a great crop of carrots this year and boy were they sweet.
Including this little carrot with legs.

Martha's Egg

Jared's chicken Martha, is finally laying eggs...and they are speckled!

Fishing in Second Dam

 Bottoms Up
 Kaleb extracted huge earthworms from our yard to use as bait. I couldn't see how the fish would be able to actually bite them, they were so big. I guess it didn't really matter, the fish weren't biting. They were swimming right past their hooks.
 We braved wet, cold weather and enjoyed every bit of it.
Oh...and had a war with seed pods.
 We were telling Nana how these things will stick to everything. Next thing I know we are throwing them at each other to see if there is something that they won't stick to.
 Kaleb made a perfect target.

Kokanee Salmon

I have always wanted to see salmon swimming up stream but never thought it would happen since we live far from the ocean. Some how the Kokanee Salmon are living an abundant life in Porcupine Reservoir and swim up the creek that naturally pours into it's basin.

 It was amazing to watch these fish fight the current, struggling to make their way up stream to lay and fertilize their eggs. We saw several jump up over waterfalls after fighting the current for quite some time. Quite a few were resting alongside rocks gearing up to make their jump.
 Nana and Poppa are always up for one of our adventures. This one took place after church. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Fall was just starting to set in displaying all of its beauty.
The bopsy twins.
I have always wanted to be able to see the seasons change especially witnessing the fall colors. I had no idea that God would plant me where I get to experience it every year. I think I like God's plan far better than my own, so I plan to stick with his way.....

Peaceful Moments

 Naptime on the tramp after jumping.
 The hollyhocks have finally bloomed!

Little Lizzy jumps into Victoria's arms for an afternoon swing. 

Biking Mantua

Our first Science outing was biking around Mantua to retrieve water samples from various areas of the reservoir.
 There are griebs that dive for fish and have floating nests. They are amusing birds to watch especially during mating season when they swim upright next to their new mate.
 It was very peaceful around the back side of the reservoir.
 I love this picture. It makes me think of how God has us on a journey but we really don't know where it leads because we can't see the end.

We found a nice place to sit and watch the birds. we collected water samples which we observed under the microscope when we got home. We found euglenas, parameciums, volvox, and yucky worms. Those creeped me out because they were avoiding the light.
We also got a chance to draw in our field guides that we are working on this year.
I love having the freedom to take our learning outside.

Backyard Campout

At the end of September it was time to transition the goats into their outside enclosure. To make the transition a little easier, Kaleb and Victoria camped outdoors along side the goats for four nights until they felt comfortable being in their new home. The first couple nights they had a hard time putting themselves to bed. They would wait for Victoria to tell them to go in their new cabin and go to sleep. It was cute. One of the nights she sang to them while they fell asleep.
She is doing a wonderful job of being their adopted Goat Mama.
And Kaleb got another excuse to sleep outside for 4 nights.

Goat Mama

 Lunch Time
 They love their milk. We started off feeding them the first couple weeks with a goat milk replacement. After Jacks got the hang of the bottle we found a recipe using whole cows milk, buttermilk and evaporated milk. They took to it quite well and have gained significant weight with it. So it is a definite keeper for raising kids.
 I can't imagine these babies going to town on their mother's nipples. The way they suck vigorously is almost frightening.
 Anything that will be jumped on or climbed will be jumped on and climbed.
They are very agile.
 Lizzy always looks like she is smiling. She is a pretty happy little thing. She is a very happy, go lucky, goat. She also likes to talk with her mouth full.
 Jacks is pretty laid back for a goat. 
 He is very cuddly for a goat. Though now that his horns are coming in he has accidentally jabbed me in the chin as he tries climb into my lap to be cuddled.
 I don't know who is more curious...Jacks or the chickens. All the chickens were crowded in the corner to see what was going on.

The Goat Mama has lunch.
 These little guys love to run and will follow Victoria almost everywhere.....
 Until Lizzy gets distracted!
 Back on track......she usually loses focus about three times.

Busy Days

 Both babies have these beautiful blue eyes. They got them from their father who's name was Elvis. He was all white with blue eyes. The mother had markings similar to Jacks with brown eyes. We have gotten so used to seeing blue eyes that now when we see a goat with brown eyes, we think they look weird. Jacks is always wanting to suck my fingers. He is definitely a bottle fed baby.
 We call Victoria, Goat Mama.
When they call for their bottles it sounds like they are yelling Maaa, Maaa
It's cute
 It is such a relief that they are both eating their fill now.
We are learning so much taking care of these sweet little goats.
 Lizzy, the climber taking a selfie.
She is a very curious little critter. They both like to nibble and taste almost anything. Lizzy seems to really like Victoria's pony tail.

Jared the Jungle Gym

 The babies spent 5 weeks sleeping and playing in the kitchen. I was actually relieved to have a worn out, ugly kitchen. I wasn't too worried when Jacks and Lizzy found a way on to the counter top and ran across the stove or when they dumped their alfalfa hay on to the floor or had an accident of their little goat berries all over the floor.
The babies looked forward to Jared coming home after work and sitting on the bench in the kitchen. He was always filthy so that was pretty much the only safe place for him to sit.
It always got Lizzy excited....she is our climber and found great amusement jumping on and off Jared's legs. It was great practice.
 Jared acts like they are a big bother but really we think he finds them amusing and cute too.