Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hiking to White Pine Lake

 What a perfect way to start the new School year, hiking to White Pine Lake
 This year for science, Kaleb, Victoria and I are planning on weekly outings of hiking through this beautiful area that we live in to observe wildlife first hand. It will pretty much be Biology in the wild. We have sketch books for field study and notebooks for experiments. 
We will be doing this rain or shine...or even snow.
This little squirrel was bold enough to think we were handing out food.
 We had a squirrel of our own along with his own fishing pole.
Kaleb can be a real nut...almost all of the time.
I love that he just has fun in life. He makes us laugh all the time.
 I am so glad that all my kids like to hike. 
I have a constant need to get out of doors. I feel cooped up if I am indoors too long. This summer has given tons of opportunities to be out of doors.
 While Victoria and Kaleb were off fishing, Daphne read a book and I took a nap.
 We could have spent the entire day fishing...or attempting to fish.

 These aspen trees look like they are dancing. They are hooked over from snow that pushed on their little sapling trunks.

 Henry keeping watch, scouting the area for invaders. 
 I think the kids did more fish watching than fish catching.
I love that we have so many beautiful places to visit so close to home. 

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Laura said...

Beautiful photography!!