Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dog Agility and Obedience Competition

 If you can believe it.....
Victoria has had Henry James in 4H dog agility and obedience since January.
Yes, the hyper dog that bolts out the front door when you open it and will proceed to zoom down the street keeping his nose to the ground and one ear up listening to you scream his name.
The very dog that has a middle name for a reason!
 Victoria and Henry won Grand Champion and a Blue Ribbon in Obedience!
I know, we were absolutely shocked. It brought tears to my eyes.
I couldn't believe that the same dog that would make me want to wring his neck for not listening to us...EVER....was doing exactly what Victoria was asking of him.
It was amazing! 
Of course, he got out of his collar and proceeded to run in the opposite direction when Victoria attempted to receive her trophy and ribbon.
 They also won First Place in Showmanship.
Henry loves the attention. Victoria has claimed that she wanted to be a dog trainer since she was only 3 years old. I think she has succeeded along with her wonderful 4H leaders helping us along the way to understand his ways and to get through to him.
It has taken quite a bit of training.
He loves the interaction and the treats especially!
 I think he loves being out in front.
Who would have known that this incredibly crazy dog would love this so much.
The last event that they were in was dog agility where Victoria guides him through an obstacle course.
This, I think is Henry's favorite.
He really likes the tunnel the best and has mastered the teeter totter extremely well showing no fear, of course. They won First Place and Third Place in two different events for agility and had a blast.
For the longest time we wouldn't let Victoria use a squeaky toy for his reward rather than tasty treats. This past month, now that she has him somewhat under control, she has started using a squeaky toy and has cut full minutes off his time in the obstacle course. It is crazy to watch this dog. Her 4H leader can't wait to see what he would do in K9 Unleashed, a dog agility club. We know that once we do that Victoria and Henry will be hooked so we haven't committed to that just yet. 
 In the meantime, we are watching Victoria and Henry have loads of fun!

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