Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I love my Boys

These are the two most hardworking teenagers that I know. We have a white board with a list of "Honey Do's" on it that when they have a spare moment they tackle a project for me.
Without complaints.....
I know weird, huh?
The pay off.....
I cook their meals. 
These boys are always hungry and ready to eat at any given moment, especially dinner.
We have managed to sit out side for dinner every single evening since May. 
Unless it was raining, then we were bummed and had to sit inside.
Our neighbor one night noticed that we were all wearing light jackets on a particularly cool evening. 
He said that we were having a dinner party because we were all wearing jackets.
We have decided to keep eating "out" until the first snow.
It is kind of like camping, eating in the fresh air.

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Laura said...

Pam. I love your blog.