Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kayaking Bear Lake

We have discovered how much this summer, we love to spend our time at Bear Lake.
The water is clear with fun waves to float on.
It is just absolutely beautiful.
 The best part has been hanging out off shore with my Mom. It brings back all those childhood memories of spending our summers at the beach. My mother took every chance we could get to hang out at the beach growing up.
I love it when you spend almost the whole day out on the water and then when lie down at night you can still feel yourself floating. I love that!
Funky and weird but love it.
 There was this guy who had these huge kites. Perfect for Kirk and Victoria to fly their kites too.

 This octopus kite was huge and really looked like its arms were alive as they waved through the bursts of wind.

What a perfect day.

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Anonymous said...

What perfect memories.