Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bear Lake

Yep, here we are again at Bear Lake. 
We can't seem to get enough of the being outdoors enjoying the water and the sun.

 Poppa's got a good book to read.
 Daphne can make her drip castles until her heart's content.
 It is so peaceful, until
 these two destroy my peace!
 It is inevitable that these two start teasing each other.
 He got tired of her throwing sand at him.
 He thinks that is the end of it....
 As long as no one gets hurt I don't care how much mud gets slung.
 And then there is our goofy son who wore this shirt on purpose to clash with his swim suit. 
He knows he is a fashion nightmare and enjoys being odd.

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Laura said...

LOL LOL. By the way Pam...this is Gina...I guess I signed in through Laura's account. You guys have such fun times. !!!!!