Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lake Side

 Kirk and the kids gave me my own kayak for my birthday. Mine is the beautiful green one.
No...there isn't a picture of me in it because I am the photo taker of the family.
No one really thought to take one of me.
I do exist....obviously, because this blog wouldn't exist if it weren't for me taking all these pictures of my family that I love so much. I want to hold on to every moment and this is one of the ways that I do that....through pictures.
Nana got a new kayak too. Kim surprised her with her own. So now we can paddle out and float around relaxing on the lake. I loved it!
Daphne, Victoria and Nana were racing back to shore. I think Daphne won. the three of them collided on to shore. I'm glad they were in shallow water, though it is pretty hard to tip these kayaks over. Kaleb has tried. He flipped himself out and the kayak actually stayed up right.
 All the rain has brought tons of beautiful wildflowers.
 I love spending time out with Kirk and the kids.
Poppa hung out reading a good book.
It is a great way to slow down and catch your breath.
We love it here!

Mr. and Mrs. Puddleduck

This sweet pair of mallards hopped out of the canal behind our property and came waddling down to the bird feeder for a little snack.
They are the sweetest ducks and very devoted to each other.
They are never more than a couple feet from each other.
We are actually hoping that they will stay.
The other day we spotted a mother with ten babies swimming up the canal. 
It was so sweet watching these little fluffy babies keeping up with their mother.

Happy 50th!

Kirk is 50!
And he still has a head of hair!
Lookin' GOOD Honey!
It's been a fun ride on this roller coaster of a life we have been on together.
I'm excited to see how the second half of our lives will be.
Lovin it already!
Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU!

The Girls

 I am really proud of my boys for building this beautiful hen house.
It is just perfect for these babies....
well, they are junior chicks right now since they are only three months old.
These girls are loving their new house. We thought for a while there that our Rhode Island Red, "Rosie" was a rooster. But she lets us pick her up and hold her. It took a few weeks to convince Victoria that her chicken can't be a rooster if she can pick her up and carry her around. Roosters don't like to be held let alone touched.
They should be laying eggs in a few weeks.
We can't wait!

Spring Rain

 The month of May brought an abundance of rain!
It nearly rained every day!
 With it came, lush green grass and spongy moss.
It was absolutely wonderful!