Monday, April 29, 2013

Geography Fair

The kids participated in a Geography Fair.
We hadn't done one in so long it was fun (in a way) to watch the kids get it together. Daphne spent some time building this Celtic Round House out of clay. She actually weaved or wove the house walls and applied paper mache over top.  It was pretty impressive.
 Kaleb learned everything there was to know about Fiji. He paper mached the islands and of course did an awesome job. They looked professionally done. Though the report part of it nearly killed him (or me) but he (we) did survive.  He learned about cannibal forks and how a king once ate a missionary but declined to eat his boots. They did try, I guess the leather on his boots was just a little too tough.
 Victoria was inspired by a friend of ours to build her presentation on France.  She painted a watercolor painting of the Eiffel Tower all by herself. She had taken a watercolor class at Star Academy so she assured me that she knew what she was doing.  It was really weird for her not to need any help but refreshing at the same time. Same with her salt dough map of France. I pretty much turned her loose. And she was loose.....
 Jared chose a country that I barely knew existed. The women have unibrows. And if they don't naturally have one, then they paint one on. In America, we do everything possible to not have a unibrow. In Tajikistan it is culturally beautiful and accepting to have on. 
 All the kids that participated did an awesome job researching and putting together their projects.
We are very blessed to have wonderful friends.

Signs of Spring

 Kaleb and I spotted a new baby colt as we came around the corner on our way home.
Of course he was standing, looking precious until we walked back up the road to take a picture.
Then his widdle wegs were tuckered out.....
he just had to lay down.
With his back to us.
 He has a new little friend just behind the fence.
 We will have to catch him standing for a picture.
What a sweet little thing with his tiny tail....
 and his stubby mane.
Just like a little newborn baby with super soft hair standing upright.
Kind of reminds me of Jared when he was born.
 Well, I know where to find Daphne and Victoria if they ever go missing.
Hanging out with the babies.
If you look close enough you can see my reflection on the ladybugs back!
How cool is that?

Friday, April 12, 2013


 During Spring break, Kaleb and Victoria sewed these adorable Monsters!
Victoria had help with hers(far right) and then she created one completely on her own for Kirk to take to work for his desk(middle).  They turned out so cute. Kaleb has always enjoyed sewing. I'm glad. But then again, I have always sewn with them sitting in my lap watching when they were babies.  I taught them that they can sit and watch but they can't touch. They always did. Or they would sit with my sewing pins with the yellow baubles on the end pushing them in and out of my pincushion. I am sure that I would have freaked people out if they had seen what they were doing. I was a PICU nurse at the time so really I knew the consequences that could have happened.  But honestly, that was the rule, if you want to sit in my lap while I run the sewing machine your hands have to be down. Even as a little baby they did. And the result is they all like to sew, well, Jared just doesn't remember loving to sit in my lap so he wouldn't agree that he can or likes to sew. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crab Treat

This crab that we babysat for my nephew about 6 years ago and never went home, had an Easter treat last Sunday.  I claim to not know his name, but really it is Louie or Lou or something like that. Either way, the thing just hangs out in this tank with nothing to do. We just feed it, water it, mist it and it ....  LIVES! Anyway, on Easter morning Victoria discovered a plastic egg tucked away in his tank. The egg cracked open and revealed a Hershy's Kiss. Well, she thought there was only one that had popped out. Really, there were two. One must have fallen in the crevace of the log. Two mornings later we had one deeply satisfied hermit crab. And alive too. Louie had found a delicious treat in his habitat. I guess it is true with hermit crabs....Finders Keepers. He probably thought he died and went to heaven to find a piece of chocolate all to himself. He managed to carefully unwrap the foil wrapper and eat every single crumb of chocolate. The little tag was tucked up in his shell. I didn't check to see if he had chocolate on his face.  I wouldn't really be sure where to look for that. I DID check to see that he was still alive.  He seems to be doing just fine and doesn't have the same effect it would have had on a room full of kids. He slept all day.

Freak of Nature!

 April was bringing warmer temperatures...flip flops and running errands without a jacket.
Then this FREAK OF NATURE occured!
It rained....and rained.....loved the rain....rained a little more.....
then we woke up to this!?
 And it was really cold. It wasn't really that the 30's, but it felt like it was below O.
What's up with that?
It doesn't matter, because today we are back to beautiful sunshine and green grass.
No flip flops yet....but soooooon.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Pioneer Settlement

We have joined the Pioneer Settlement with our dear friends the Summits at American West Heritage Center. They are hosting their baby animal days this week.  We volunteered to help with that and then for the summer once a week. We started the morning checking weather reports.  It was raining and I wasn't sure if it would be cancelled or not.  You just never know. Needless to say, the event proceeded inspite of the downpour and mud...did I say MUD? Yes, I said mud. Lots of mud.  Very squishy and slippery. We don't have our pioneer clothes just yet so Victoria was the only one dressed appropriately. It was only a matter of minutes when one of the other women there pulled an entire wardrobe out for Daphne, Kaleb and I to put over our jeans. I was so happy to wear the mixmatched clothes because I was so much warmer with a double petticoat, skirt and top along with a bonnet to keep the rain off. Victoria looked like a genuine prairie girl playing with her friend at the settlement. We helped little kids make rag dolls.  It was fun. We learned how to play a stick and ring game, one that rolls on the ground and one that you toss in the air.  We had a very fun time and are looking forward to the summer. The baby animals were adorable too. After rain all day, the sun came out and left clear blue sky with a beautiful view of the Wellsvilles.
It was a great day.

Sparrow Hawk

I caught a glimpse of something big sitting on the wire by our back fence.
It sat for quite a long time....long enough to get the kids, the camera and watch it spying on its next meal.  Living next to a field brings all kinds of critters.
We think it was watching a vole or a mouse.
It swooped and floated to the ground right next to the fence but came up empty handed or...empty clawed. Either way it was still pretty cool to see a Sparrow Hawk right out our window.

Monday, April 1, 2013


 Easter was absolutely beautiful. We spent a wonderful morning at church. Over and over we hear about how we are saved through the cross. It was on that cross that Jesus died for our sins, the very sins that separate us from God the Father. I am relieved to really know that we are forgiven and will remain close to our Father in heaven. I wouldn't want our family to live any other way. As a family, our faith has grown every year. I am so pleased that our kids have taken Jesus into their hearts and are living with Christian values. It is so hard to do sometimes, but they continually choose Jesus.
 We packed up and headed to Kathy's house in Idaho. 
We love it out there.
Plenty of space to breathe.
She had her house all decorated for Spring and Easter.
We ate until we were completely full and practically needed a nap.
We watched her bees coming and going from their hive, we fed the goat which is a little intimidating when he stands on his hind legs....he is taller than me when he does that.
Victoria gathered eggs from her hens who were thoroughly enjoying scrounging the yard for bugs.
We spent quality time just sitting, talking and enjoying each others company.

We weren't sure what to expect for the weather. We've heard that it could snow especially with Easter being so early this year. Well it was beautiful and warm.
We couldnt' ask for a better day.