Friday, April 12, 2013


 During Spring break, Kaleb and Victoria sewed these adorable Monsters!
Victoria had help with hers(far right) and then she created one completely on her own for Kirk to take to work for his desk(middle).  They turned out so cute. Kaleb has always enjoyed sewing. I'm glad. But then again, I have always sewn with them sitting in my lap watching when they were babies.  I taught them that they can sit and watch but they can't touch. They always did. Or they would sit with my sewing pins with the yellow baubles on the end pushing them in and out of my pincushion. I am sure that I would have freaked people out if they had seen what they were doing. I was a PICU nurse at the time so really I knew the consequences that could have happened.  But honestly, that was the rule, if you want to sit in my lap while I run the sewing machine your hands have to be down. Even as a little baby they did. And the result is they all like to sew, well, Jared just doesn't remember loving to sit in my lap so he wouldn't agree that he can or likes to sew. 

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Katherine said...

Your children truly amaze me with all of their talents, abilities and ambition. I love seeing everything they invent, make or design. I love how eager they are to bring out their things to show me whenever I visit. That's the best part, is when people care share with others their talents. Love these awesome little monsters.