Monday, April 1, 2013


 Easter was absolutely beautiful. We spent a wonderful morning at church. Over and over we hear about how we are saved through the cross. It was on that cross that Jesus died for our sins, the very sins that separate us from God the Father. I am relieved to really know that we are forgiven and will remain close to our Father in heaven. I wouldn't want our family to live any other way. As a family, our faith has grown every year. I am so pleased that our kids have taken Jesus into their hearts and are living with Christian values. It is so hard to do sometimes, but they continually choose Jesus.
 We packed up and headed to Kathy's house in Idaho. 
We love it out there.
Plenty of space to breathe.
She had her house all decorated for Spring and Easter.
We ate until we were completely full and practically needed a nap.
We watched her bees coming and going from their hive, we fed the goat which is a little intimidating when he stands on his hind legs....he is taller than me when he does that.
Victoria gathered eggs from her hens who were thoroughly enjoying scrounging the yard for bugs.
We spent quality time just sitting, talking and enjoying each others company.

We weren't sure what to expect for the weather. We've heard that it could snow especially with Easter being so early this year. Well it was beautiful and warm.
We couldnt' ask for a better day.

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