Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Kaleb has done a fine job of creating a beautiful centerpiece for our Easter table.
Even with Legos we can worship our Lord and remember the sacrifice he made for all of us.
 These beautiful flowers came in the mail from Nana and Poppa. 
I love fresh flowers. We are all enjoying them....even Toby. I caught him checking them out. Thankfully there isn't any baby's breath. Cats love babys breath.
 I think we are getting the hang of this Utah weather.
We weathered through the winter nicely and are welcoming the warmth of the sun.
We have one patch of ice left in the shad in our yard. I think after today it will be gone.
 I love that my older kids enjoy doing family things like dying eggs. Daphne of course has designed beautiful eggs with crayons and dye. We now have plenty of beautiful eggs for tomorrow. We will be headed to Idaho after church to spend with Kathy. Victoria is planning on flying her kite. It is always breezy in Malad.
Kaleb dyed an egg for Benjamin and called it Saint Benjamin since he is in bunny heaven now.
I love this time of year. I love the Utah seasons most of all.
We are looking forward to shorts, flip flops, hiking and wildflowers.

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Katherine said...

It was so nice that you all would pack up all of your food and travel to my house to spend Easter with me...thank you so much. I loved that Kaleb brought his "tomb" to share with me, I was very impressed. I sort of feel like an old fogurt for not going out and flying Victoria's kite with her. Thank you Daphne for sharing your talent with us, it was a perfect end for a perfect day. Jared thank you for coming and being here. Love all of you.