Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rich and Angela

 Rich and Angie were married yesterday.
It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful beginning for two wonderful people.
 I managed to grab a picture of Rich with three of his boys. They were eager to get their "monkey suits" off. I never did get a picture of Angie's very handsome boys. She has two. Somewhere around 10 and 15. I know I'm wrong so please don't quote me. Levi is on the left, then Luke and Chad. I'm so glad they came and supported their Dad's marriage to Angie. I am sure that meant alot to Rich.
 They did an awesome job of meeting and greeting.
 Two of my favorite people! Actually I should say 4 of my favorite people. 
 My girls and my cousins.
 And of course, my favorite Aunt.
Aunt Carol looked beautiful in her new dress. I love the color on her.
She always makes the kids feel welcome and will ask something specific about them to share.
I like that she does that.
It makes them feel important.
 Rich's little grandbaby Marlie is so adorable.
When it is time to smile for the camera she would squint her eyes tight and smile.
It reminded me of Victoria's Funny Face that she made when she was that age.
It got everyone all gooey over how adorable she is.
I couldn't stop playing with her. I miss having little ones.
My little ones are almost all bigger than me.
You gotta love weddings.
There is a time for meeting the new family, meeting the best friends, alot of smiling to the point that your face hurts, eating, drinking lots of lemon water and then there is the moment when you have had enough and are ready for the  2 hour drive home.
Victoria was proud to announce that she ate 9 cake pops and 4 egg rolls.
She slept the whole way home.
 Kirk and I rarely have a picture together. On a whim I took this one myself.
We are in black and white because,
I wanted to see what I am going to look like with white hair,
I wanted to see if Kirk will really look like Santa some day, and white showed less wrinkle definition.
Congratulations to my handsome cousin Rich
and his new beautiful wife Angela.
I can't wait to spend time with you again.

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