Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Winter Figure Skating Competition

I just found this picture just waiting to be published.....
This is Victoria's Ice Skating coach Betz.
She is awesome. We love her. We skate Kaleb, Victoria and I skate with her on Wednesdays for Hot Chocolate club at the rink.
Victoria passed her pre-preliminary test for Freestyle 1. Her first ever. She is skating at 4 but tested at 1. She did very well. She also competed up against girls that were several levels higher than her in a Dramatic Showcase. She did very well.
 One of the judges who judged based on the dramatic part placed her at First place. 

Happy Easter!

Spring has Sprung!
It just amazes me that the tulips that I planted last Fall actually survived the winter and have grown to decorate our lives. And, the johnny jump ups have reseeded and come back to greet us with their little purple and yellow faces!
Sven investigates everything! Even the plastic eggs.
There is nothing this goat doesn't get into!

We had a surprise visit from Rich. He came down from Boise for the weekend! Kathy and Troy came from Malad to church with us and spent the day having usual!
Poppa was acting goofy making himself look short!
This little guy is very hard to resist...he's so cute!

The boys are always looking to see if they have grown taller than their Uncle Rich....
Not yet!
Rejoice in the Day the Lord has Made!

Symbiotic Relationship

Sammy is on standby to lick the froth Sven
 generates from sucking on his bottle!
This is a "No Waste" household!

Hogle Zoo

Two of the kids, Nana and I spent a day of Spring Break at the Hogle Zoo.
Believe it or not, we chose the warmest day, a whopping 65 degrees to go to the zoo. We stood in line waiting to get in for 45 minutes. Everyone had the same idea. It was worth it though.
I love these statues. 
They are so cute with their rounded features.
I love how all the animals are up close at this zoo.
We were all watching this lion dozing in the sun when Victoria happened to glance over and spot about 7 lionesses lounging in the sun too.
There is just something funny about watching an orangutan fiddle with a stalk of celery.
You end up wondering what he must be thinking.
This one spotted my camera and decided he wanted a closer look.
Salt Lake valley welcomes Spring much earlier than we do in Cache Valley.
 It was a special treat to see all the trees in bloom.
We were so excited to not have to wear a jacket!
It is an adjustment to spend our days with just two of the kids.
 I think back to those days with the others going to Homeschool activities. I miss them being little.
We still have lots of fun though. I am determined to experience life the best we can.
Everyone was getting in on the warmth. Even Meercats.
No, this is not a house cat. Believe it or not this is a Sandcat.
 He was the pudgiest looking cat I have ever seen.
All of these animals were so close. I could almost touch this burrowing owl....I didn't though.
I wouldn't want to come close to this Grizzly. Especially out in the forest.
The end of a beautiful to our last stop before heading home....Costco!

Nap Time

Victoria's version of babysitting a newborn Nigerian Dwarf Goat.
This little guy now thinks he's a dog. 
He is still getting bottle fed and sleeping in a dog crate at night.
When nap time was over, Sven was spunky and raring to go.