Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Easter!

Spring has Sprung!
It just amazes me that the tulips that I planted last Fall actually survived the winter and have grown to decorate our lives. And, the johnny jump ups have reseeded and come back to greet us with their little purple and yellow faces!
Sven investigates everything! Even the plastic eggs.
There is nothing this goat doesn't get into!

We had a surprise visit from Rich. He came down from Boise for the weekend! Kathy and Troy came from Malad to church with us and spent the day having usual!
Poppa was acting goofy making himself look short!
This little guy is very hard to resist...he's so cute!

The boys are always looking to see if they have grown taller than their Uncle Rich....
Not yet!
Rejoice in the Day the Lord has Made!

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