Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hogle Zoo

Two of the kids, Nana and I spent a day of Spring Break at the Hogle Zoo.
Believe it or not, we chose the warmest day, a whopping 65 degrees to go to the zoo. We stood in line waiting to get in for 45 minutes. Everyone had the same idea. It was worth it though.
I love these statues. 
They are so cute with their rounded features.
I love how all the animals are up close at this zoo.
We were all watching this lion dozing in the sun when Victoria happened to glance over and spot about 7 lionesses lounging in the sun too.
There is just something funny about watching an orangutan fiddle with a stalk of celery.
You end up wondering what he must be thinking.
This one spotted my camera and decided he wanted a closer look.
Salt Lake valley welcomes Spring much earlier than we do in Cache Valley.
 It was a special treat to see all the trees in bloom.
We were so excited to not have to wear a jacket!
It is an adjustment to spend our days with just two of the kids.
 I think back to those days with the others going to Homeschool activities. I miss them being little.
We still have lots of fun though. I am determined to experience life the best we can.
Everyone was getting in on the warmth. Even Meercats.
No, this is not a house cat. Believe it or not this is a Sandcat.
 He was the pudgiest looking cat I have ever seen.
All of these animals were so close. I could almost touch this burrowing owl....I didn't though.
I wouldn't want to come close to this Grizzly. Especially out in the forest.
The end of a beautiful to our last stop before heading home....Costco!

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