Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kaleb's High Adventure

Our days are filled with so much that I completely missed Kaleb's awesome trip to Zion National Park in August with Boy Scouts. This was definitely a High Adventure.
I will never forget the my first reaction when Kaleb informed me that he would need a wet suit....What?
What do you need that for?
As he was telling me about these canyons that they would be wading through chest high water I began to panic and fear for my boy's life.
He reassured me that they would be safe and that he would be okay.
I call Kaleb my extremist. 
He may be overly cautious but he loves the thrill of doing something difficult and dangerous.
 Canyoneering, done the the correct way isn't dangerous at all.
And the parents leading this group of boys took many precautions with watching the weather report at the top of their list.
 On the list for this trip was clothing that dries fast and a daypack with holes cut in the bottom for water drainage. Kaleb had a hard time hiding his smile as he was telling me that he would need to wear a wet suit in areas of the canyons that they would be climbing in.
After my anxiety was replaced with prayer and faith I had to smile at the thought of Kaleb's skinny body in a wet suit. 
 He told me that it was freezing cold water to the point that you shiver instantly.
 I'm not sure if they are smiling because they are having a blast or if they are freezing their tails off!
 I think they're having fun....

 What an amazing experience!