Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baby Chicks

 We have successfully integrated the baby chicks in with the rest of the flock.
Funny thing though, they have their own flock within the flock. 
We let them out after two weeks of being in the brooder box in the chicken coop.
Two of the adult hens made sure that the babies knew the right pecking order.
There was no need for the Rosie the rooster to do a thing.
They all walked amongst each other once that was established.
 It is so funny watching the little ones fluffing up in a dirt bath like the adults.
This is Rita who is very adventuresome. 
These two hopped out the door to scratch. They would stay for a couple seconds and then jump back in, walk around a little and then jump back out again. They did pretty good their first time out.

Frog Hunt in Cutler Marsh

 We took Nana on a frog hunt in Cutler Marsh for our last Science field trip 
for the semester. It was absolutely beautiful with all the vibrant colors of spring.
 Of course there was quite a bit of goofiness.
I think it was all the fresh air.
 My beautiful baby is growing up.
She wasn't too enthused about looking for frogs.
Tough Noogies.
 We did see a Robin mommy protecting her baby.

 It was quite a breezy day. Watching the different shades
 grass blowing in the wind was so peaceful.
 Kaleb is always making us laugh. Here he is talking like a National Geographic 
film describing the black Ibis that just flew overhead.
 Here is proof that we had Nana with us.
 This huge frog is an American Bullfrog.
And this one is a Columbia Leopard Frog.
 At first we thought these humongous tadpoles were fish but we were mistaken.
 For years we have been searching for tadpoles. We never expected to find ones 
with a 2 1/2 inch body.
 They were huge! wildlife explorer.....


 This huge dragonfly found it's way into our kitchen. It was just a little too chilly to make his way out. God's creations can be so beautiful.

Eagle Scout

Kaleb has been very devoted to his journey in scouts/
Can you tell that Scouts is important to him?
He has gotten out everything that he has put into it and some.
His Court of Honor was very memorable with great words said about him, sweet treats and great friends and mentors. He surprised Jared and Josh W. with mentor pins. I think they both felt very honored to be presented a pin.
 We are very proud of our Eagle Scout. 
I never would have thought long ago when we started Cub Scouts 
that we would be standing here with Kaleb being presented his Eagle Award.
 These are an awesome group of men whom I have prayed for.
Thank you Lord for these wonderful men that you have intertwined into my men's lives.
We couldn't have asked for anyone better!
 They have made great friends along the way as well.....

I love that these two have such an awesome relationship.
They are very tolerant and supportive to each other.
I am sure that there will be many more times that they will shake hands.
 My Eagle Scout.

Mr. Fussy Butt

Cornelius....Mr. Fussy Butt....didn't want out. So he puffed up, 
curled his tail and deepened his stripes.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Spring in the Canyon

Spring is just beginning in Franklin Basin.

Apple Blossoms!

Our apple tree is in full bloom this year!
I think it needed some loving care and water this past year.
I love that the bees are finding plenty of pollen and nectar for their efforts.
There is a constant buzzing going on all day long with busy bees doing their thing.
This fall we should have an abundance of apples to harvest.
 Plenty of applesauce and apple pie for us!

Stop Growing!!!!

Is it possible to just stay young....for just a little while longer?
Could you please just stay our little girl for now?

Praying Mantis

Most homeschoolers order caterpillars and watch them metamorph from a caterpillar to a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. Well, we've done that plenty of times so Kaleb and I decided to order praying mantis cases. In researching these cases, we found out that they can hold around two hundred baby praying mantis'! Calculating that out, we should have about 600 praying mantis to 
release into the yard.
This has to be the most fascinating thing we have watched in quite some time. It was freaky weird watching these little babies inch themselves out of the case into a clump of babies. Once they dried, their exoskeleton turned a dark brown.
 We have found several egg cases but never knew how they actually escaped the case. Now we know. Once we witnessed these little guys emerging we promptly decided to give our neighbor one of the cases, released the ones that hatched, leaving the last one to finish it's gestation period.
It was pretty cool to see these amazing little creatures hatch.
I had to throw this one in.
Alex is pretty spoiled. We love him dearly.

Breyer Horse Photo Winner!

Daphne won Fifth place in a Breyer Horse Photo Contest and received this
 beautiful pink ribbon in the mail. It was quite the surprise.
She painted the background on a piece of cardboard and arranged the horse and rider.
What a fun project!

Ice Skating

Victoria is growing up so fast....
it feels like just yesterday that she was this little thing doing 
the polar bear slide on the ice.
Now she is doing waltz jumps, spirals, lounges and all those other fancy
 moves that I don't know the name of.
She is amazing at how determined she is to perfect all that she does on ice.
It amazes me to watch her move with ease on ice and throw herself into a spin not worrying about whether or not she is going to stay on her feet or not.  
I love watching her.