Sunday, May 22, 2016

Frog Hunt in Cutler Marsh

 We took Nana on a frog hunt in Cutler Marsh for our last Science field trip 
for the semester. It was absolutely beautiful with all the vibrant colors of spring.
 Of course there was quite a bit of goofiness.
I think it was all the fresh air.
 My beautiful baby is growing up.
She wasn't too enthused about looking for frogs.
Tough Noogies.
 We did see a Robin mommy protecting her baby.

 It was quite a breezy day. Watching the different shades
 grass blowing in the wind was so peaceful.
 Kaleb is always making us laugh. Here he is talking like a National Geographic 
film describing the black Ibis that just flew overhead.
 Here is proof that we had Nana with us.
 This huge frog is an American Bullfrog.
And this one is a Columbia Leopard Frog.
 At first we thought these humongous tadpoles were fish but we were mistaken.
 For years we have been searching for tadpoles. We never expected to find ones 
with a 2 1/2 inch body.
 They were huge! wildlife explorer.....

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