Sunday, May 22, 2016

Eagle Scout

Kaleb has been very devoted to his journey in scouts/
Can you tell that Scouts is important to him?
He has gotten out everything that he has put into it and some.
His Court of Honor was very memorable with great words said about him, sweet treats and great friends and mentors. He surprised Jared and Josh W. with mentor pins. I think they both felt very honored to be presented a pin.
 We are very proud of our Eagle Scout. 
I never would have thought long ago when we started Cub Scouts 
that we would be standing here with Kaleb being presented his Eagle Award.
 These are an awesome group of men whom I have prayed for.
Thank you Lord for these wonderful men that you have intertwined into my men's lives.
We couldn't have asked for anyone better!
 They have made great friends along the way as well.....

I love that these two have such an awesome relationship.
They are very tolerant and supportive to each other.
I am sure that there will be many more times that they will shake hands.
 My Eagle Scout.

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