Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baby Chicks

 We have successfully integrated the baby chicks in with the rest of the flock.
Funny thing though, they have their own flock within the flock. 
We let them out after two weeks of being in the brooder box in the chicken coop.
Two of the adult hens made sure that the babies knew the right pecking order.
There was no need for the Rosie the rooster to do a thing.
They all walked amongst each other once that was established.
 It is so funny watching the little ones fluffing up in a dirt bath like the adults.
This is Rita who is very adventuresome. 
These two hopped out the door to scratch. They would stay for a couple seconds and then jump back in, walk around a little and then jump back out again. They did pretty good their first time out.

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