Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jared's Confirmation

When we started attending All Saints Lutheran Church, Jared was in the beginning of the 7th grade. Just in time to start Confirmation class. He had already been baptized twice, once as a baby and submersed as a tween. So starting Confirmation wasn't really part of a goal that any of us had at the time. Well, this class really turned out to be a significant goal for Jared and our family. This class stuck together for three years and completed their spiritual guidance to be Confirmed. They had lock-ins and retreats to solidify the relationships they were building and taught them everything there was to know about the Lutheran faith. Jared has watched more movies about Martin Luther than expected. I think he is the most "Lutheran" than any of us. I have grown to love the faith and the people. I like the structure and the people. Yeah, did I mention the people. They are different. Our family fits really well here. I hope and pray that Jared will soon recognize God's hand in his life everyday and that he really is beside him spiritually to love and bless him always. These are all abstract ideas to a young person. I am so thankful for him to received such an instruction as this Confirmation class. Pastor Phil once told us when the kids were really little. The Bible stand for " Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth". Isn't that what we all need? To read our Bibles and keep God close to us? Accepting his guidance and love for us? ...... P.S. The young lady in the bottom right hand corner, the cute girl with the glasses...Lane...I think they like eachother.... shhh! don't tell.

Susanna's College Graduation

Our homeschooled family friend Susanna graduated from Paradise Valley Community College with two Associate degrees in two years and with Honors. We are so proud of her. She was one of the student speakers and pretty much blew everyone out of the auditorium with her speaking ability. We wouldn't expect any less with her. She is off to Germany with NAU this next year and down to Tucson for a research Chemistry work study project for the summer. Busy girl. We are all going to miss her. Especially Daphne. Susanna has been an awesome friend to Daphne. Much like a big sister but without the sibling rivalry. It has been a blessing to watch our children grow up together. Kaleb was 5 months old when we started a Co-op with the Darts. Lots of fun memories. They are like family.

Cook A Doodle Doo

I guess we have been a little preoccupied with rounding up school and graduation that I have quite a few posts with pictures in them and not completed. In May, Victoria and I read this really cute book Cook-A-Doodle-Doo! by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel. It is hysterical because the pot bellied pig totally reminded us of our dog Sammy. The rooster is the grandson to The Little Red Hen and he wants to bake Strawberry Shortcake. And of course the cat, the dog and the goose don't want to help. So his friends the pig, an iguana, and a tortoise decide they want to help him. Things get a little crazy when the iguana is a little "too" helpful (hmmm sounds like a certain 6 year old I know) and the pot bellied pig finally gets a chance to do "his job". We read it several times in a row and then had to read it again to Dad to see if he made a connection between the pig and Sammy. He did. I think our shortcake looks just like the picture in the book. And it was very delicious. Check out the book from the library and see for yourself how adorable this book is. Okay, I have to tell you, the pig just wants to help and then decides for himself that he will be the taster. So he keeps asking if he can taste it yet and they keep telling him to wait. He was a very patient pig until the iguana is overly helpful and accidently dumped the entire shortcake, strawberries and all onto the floor where the pig finally got to taste it. The pig was so excited that he ate it all off the floor and was completely satisfied that he finally got to do his job as the "taster". Really cute. It is our family to a "T'. Victoria, usually in haste will swing her plate around with food on it and not be holding onto whatever is on there, food will usually fly through the air and Sammy will be right there to inhale it in a single microsecond. He finally got what he wanted. So now we call Sammy The Taster. Because he is usually under my feet looking straight up ready to catch any minescuel fleck of food that may tumble in his direction while I am cooking. He usually cashes in on the jackpot hanging out with Victoria though.


The women's gym that my Mom works at had a Pinkalicious Party for little girls and their mothers on Mother's Day weekend.
They needed cupcakes so I made these cupcakes just like the cupcakes in the story.

This is the cutest story. It is about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink. The only remedy is to eat green vegetables. Victoria thought it was a good thing she likes vegetables and salad so she wouldn't ever turn pink. Though I do remember the kids turning orange as babies from eating carrots and sweet potatoes.Victoria had a great time. She made a pretty glittery crown and made a princess wand. It was nice spending the time with her one on one. She even got to spend a little time with Nana behind the desk and even go grocery shopping with her.

Easter...a little late.

I love Easter. We celebrated Jesus' Resurrection...squeezed Easter bunnies and ate jelly beans, dyed Easter eggs,Kirk and Daphne playing hand bells at all three services,had a pancake breakfast at church, and smashed a finger in the back door of the van. Victoria and I managed to make it to Urgent Care and back, all before Kirk and Daphne even knew we were gone. Her finger looked a little crooked but it wasn't broken. What a relief knowing that since Jared had to actually unlatch the door to get her finger out. I don't know who was upset more...the smasher or the smashee.
Needless to say, no broken bones and Easter celebration continued on without a hitch.A little emotionally drained from the door incident but a quick recovery.
And a big brother gave special treatment to a little sister all day.That was priceless!We did manage to corral the kids long enough to get a picture. My nephew Kyle is in the back between Daphne and Jared. There are advantages to being the youngest of four much bigger than you kids.The boys did a great job of hiding eggs for Victoria and Kaleb to find. Though we are still finding some here and there as they fall out of the tree weeks later.These are hysterical.Kaleb, Victoria and I made chickie cake pops. First we couldn't get them to stay on the sticks without falling all the way through. So we axed the stick idea.I would just get one pretty smooth and Victoria would stick her fingers into the chocolate trying to put the beak and feet in place.Either way they turned out pretty cute. They tasted great.No complaints there.It is one of those projects that you have to try again. I am sure that next time they will turn out better. I am the only one who felt this way. Everyone else thought they were cute.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Curse or Blessing?

Today is just not a good day. Actually, it is just not a good year. Well, really, it just hasn't been a good past two years. Life is hard and I am getting really tired of it. So...anyway, enough of my sniveling. I will tell you why I feel this way today. Today is Kirk's and my 20th wedding anniversary. Woo hoo. We should celebrate you say. Well...we aren't taking a cruise, exchanging gifts or going to dinner. We don't have the money anyway. But the real reason it wouldn't be happening is we have the flu. And on top of that Kirk has Shingles...eeewwww! Just when he thought he couldn't get chicken pox again. So miserable is at the top of his list right now. And mine because we both can't be sick at the same time. So...I dropped Daphne off at her class at the college and came around the corner to this! This is the most flowers this Jacaranda has ever had. Isn't it beautiful? The freeze really did a number on it and we were so relieved that it bounced back but we never thought it would have gotton this many blossoms. Most people don't like trees like this in their yard because of this.
Tiny sticks and purple flowers all over the place. So if you just don't look down and look up instead, you get an eyeful of God's beautiful creation. Hmmm. So how can one apply this to our lives? Yeah I know, look for the blessings in our lives they are all around...yeah, yeah. It makes me mad and I don't want to hear it. But...on my own and in my time, I will look around and see this....
Thank you Lord for the roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our backs.

Oh yeah, and I will let you know if the two little kids get chicken pox since the two big kids have already had them.