Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter...a little late.

I love Easter. We celebrated Jesus' Resurrection...squeezed Easter bunnies and ate jelly beans, dyed Easter eggs,Kirk and Daphne playing hand bells at all three services,had a pancake breakfast at church, and smashed a finger in the back door of the van. Victoria and I managed to make it to Urgent Care and back, all before Kirk and Daphne even knew we were gone. Her finger looked a little crooked but it wasn't broken. What a relief knowing that since Jared had to actually unlatch the door to get her finger out. I don't know who was upset more...the smasher or the smashee.
Needless to say, no broken bones and Easter celebration continued on without a hitch.A little emotionally drained from the door incident but a quick recovery.
And a big brother gave special treatment to a little sister all day.That was priceless!We did manage to corral the kids long enough to get a picture. My nephew Kyle is in the back between Daphne and Jared. There are advantages to being the youngest of four much bigger than you kids.The boys did a great job of hiding eggs for Victoria and Kaleb to find. Though we are still finding some here and there as they fall out of the tree weeks later.These are hysterical.Kaleb, Victoria and I made chickie cake pops. First we couldn't get them to stay on the sticks without falling all the way through. So we axed the stick idea.I would just get one pretty smooth and Victoria would stick her fingers into the chocolate trying to put the beak and feet in place.Either way they turned out pretty cute. They tasted great.No complaints there.It is one of those projects that you have to try again. I am sure that next time they will turn out better. I am the only one who felt this way. Everyone else thought they were cute.


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Katherine said...

Ok, first I am sorry Jared that that had happened to you (hurting your sister's finger) and Victoria, your finger looks horrible, I hope it has healed. By the way, I love the blue nail polish. The picture of the kids is great. I really like your bricked path. Your little chick pops look so cute.