Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jared's Confirmation

When we started attending All Saints Lutheran Church, Jared was in the beginning of the 7th grade. Just in time to start Confirmation class. He had already been baptized twice, once as a baby and submersed as a tween. So starting Confirmation wasn't really part of a goal that any of us had at the time. Well, this class really turned out to be a significant goal for Jared and our family. This class stuck together for three years and completed their spiritual guidance to be Confirmed. They had lock-ins and retreats to solidify the relationships they were building and taught them everything there was to know about the Lutheran faith. Jared has watched more movies about Martin Luther than expected. I think he is the most "Lutheran" than any of us. I have grown to love the faith and the people. I like the structure and the people. Yeah, did I mention the people. They are different. Our family fits really well here. I hope and pray that Jared will soon recognize God's hand in his life everyday and that he really is beside him spiritually to love and bless him always. These are all abstract ideas to a young person. I am so thankful for him to received such an instruction as this Confirmation class. Pastor Phil once told us when the kids were really little. The Bible stand for " Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth". Isn't that what we all need? To read our Bibles and keep God close to us? Accepting his guidance and love for us? ...... P.S. The young lady in the bottom right hand corner, the cute girl with the glasses...Lane...I think they like eachother.... shhh! don't tell.

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Katherine said...

What a blessing to have good friends in your faith. Good looking group of kids. She is cute, they need to go a group date, that would be fun.