Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cook A Doodle Doo

I guess we have been a little preoccupied with rounding up school and graduation that I have quite a few posts with pictures in them and not completed. In May, Victoria and I read this really cute book Cook-A-Doodle-Doo! by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel. It is hysterical because the pot bellied pig totally reminded us of our dog Sammy. The rooster is the grandson to The Little Red Hen and he wants to bake Strawberry Shortcake. And of course the cat, the dog and the goose don't want to help. So his friends the pig, an iguana, and a tortoise decide they want to help him. Things get a little crazy when the iguana is a little "too" helpful (hmmm sounds like a certain 6 year old I know) and the pot bellied pig finally gets a chance to do "his job". We read it several times in a row and then had to read it again to Dad to see if he made a connection between the pig and Sammy. He did. I think our shortcake looks just like the picture in the book. And it was very delicious. Check out the book from the library and see for yourself how adorable this book is. Okay, I have to tell you, the pig just wants to help and then decides for himself that he will be the taster. So he keeps asking if he can taste it yet and they keep telling him to wait. He was a very patient pig until the iguana is overly helpful and accidently dumped the entire shortcake, strawberries and all onto the floor where the pig finally got to taste it. The pig was so excited that he ate it all off the floor and was completely satisfied that he finally got to do his job as the "taster". Really cute. It is our family to a "T'. Victoria, usually in haste will swing her plate around with food on it and not be holding onto whatever is on there, food will usually fly through the air and Sammy will be right there to inhale it in a single microsecond. He finally got what he wanted. So now we call Sammy The Taster. Because he is usually under my feet looking straight up ready to catch any minescuel fleck of food that may tumble in his direction while I am cooking. He usually cashes in on the jackpot hanging out with Victoria though.

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Katherine said...

I miss reading books to my children, those were fun memories. I loved finding good books, thanks for sharing your finds. I can't wait to read to my grandchildren. I just had a thought, all of those things I miss doing with my children I get to do again with my grandchildren, who exciting is that?