Friday, June 28, 2013

What are you looking at?

 Victoria, scoping out all that the library was setting up for their Kick Off party for the Summer Reading Program.

Humane Society Day Camp

 I have been so busy getting the shirt business up and running that at the last minute we saw a day camp at the Humane Society. Victoria is such a doggy person that we signed her up that day. She learned quite a few things that are important when you have a dog. Of course she fell in love with these two puppies. Like we can have another puppy let alone two puppies. And they look reall cute when they are little and tired. Get them home, rest them up a couple days to recoop from being at the pound and they become wild puppies. Atleast that is what happened with Henry. These two pups were named Wiggles and Swiggles. It was hard for her not to fall in love with all the dogs. I am a firm believer to adopt rescue dogs than buy a dog from a breeder or a pet shop.  They come with quirky personalities and funny breeds but they need a home and be loved. I can't imagine our life without our doggies.

Hogle Zoo!

 As a last hurrah to the school year, we traveled two hours to the Hogle Zoo in SLC for an outing. I am so glad that we did. we had hemmed and hawed about whether or not we should take the time to go. With Kirk leaving for work in the morning out of state, we figured, yeah, lets go for it. Our family needed the time away. It was a wonderful day.
Plus, they had Lego animals there on display.
I love that picture of Kaleb! He is so handsome.
 Kaleb was fascinated by the animals on display. They were incredibly accurate. I think Kaleb could be a master builder for the Lego company. He is quite skilled in Lego building. I am always amazed at what the boys put together with a bunch of bricks.
 Victoria wanted her picture with almost every statue. It was cute. We have pictures in the hallway of the boys wrestling an alligator to the ground like the Crocodile Hunter. So she was inspired to have her picture taken with each of the animals that she saw.
 We took our time poking through the zoo watching the animals for an extended time. It was nice to not rush. We were tired after walking the full extent of the zoo a couple times. We had to back track because we missed the polar bear. And then he wouldn't cooperate for a picture. He looked like a fluffy blob. Oh well.
It was a beautiful day well spent. 

Prairie Party

 Our friend Amber had a wonderful Praire Party for the kids in her class. They studied the Little House on the Prairie books. It was Victoria's favorite class. Victoria was practically begging that I have her pioneer outfit for volunteering at American West Heritage Center be completely sewn by the time of the party.  Not only is Amber's home absolutely beautiful but was a perfect setting. They ate food that the pioneers would have eaten. They had ham, cucumbers, roasted potatoes and bread. Victoria and her Dad baked a pumpkin pie the night before. It was delicious. They played pioneer games just before a down pour of rain. I couldn't believe how much rain. It was unbelieveable. Amber even had a little mercantile set up in a pantry. I think the kids loved that part the most. They shopped for candy that only cost a penny. I loved that there were both boys and girls in this class. They had a wonderful time both in the class and at the party.
Each of the kids chose which character they wanted to be from the stories. The boys chose Royal and Alfanzo "because they were the only boys in the stories!" I thought they were cute. Victoria chose Laura because she can relate to her with being somewhat of a tomboy kind of character and that she likes to climb trees. I could have guessed all along that she would identify with Laura Ingalls Wilder.  They have quite of few of the same personality traits.

Robin's Nest

I can't believe how quickly this bird built a nest. I never even saw it busy building even when we were in and out the front door. Every time we opened the front door it was a race to see if we could keep her from flying away. If we didn't look at her she would stay.
I love the wildlife that we see and now it is literally at our front door.

Happy Birthday Kirk!

You know you are over 40 when you don't make a big deal about it. A few more years and he will be looking like Santa Claus.  We were getting in as much time together before it was time for him to leave for 3 weeks. I could have never imagined what our little family was to look like when we met. He was drinking an orange soda, which is Victoria's favorite soda when I actually let her have it. I can't imagine life without this crazy insane bunch of people. Kaleb is constantly reminding me the very traits that I fell in love with his dad. His wierd, crazy dad who acts goofy the more he would get tired. Just like Kaleb. It is fun to watch each of their personalities unfold. Even Kirk's. I can see that God is constantly molding us. I guess it would be better to be constantly growing and changing rather than be stuck in our ways.

Memorial Weekend

 When most people were having BBQ's, we were planting our garden. Kirk was on his way out of town for 3 weeks and we had a very limited amount of time to get certain things done. So, while the girls and I sold shirts at Gardener's Market, the guys of the family layed all the irrigation pipes and made the rows for planting.
 We got it all done in a few hours. The girls planted over 30 seedlings of tomatoes, broccoli and brussel sprouts. We barely had to give direction to the kids this year. They knew what they were doing. Which means that they are now experienced. It is so awesome to have young men and a young lady for children. I never knew they would become the beautiful people that they are now when they were little....except when they start to argue. Then my bubble bursts!
 Daphne, the farmer girl.
Jared got a significant "farmer tan" that day.
Gosh, the garden looks so nice without all the weeds that are going to pop up in this little dirt plot.


 Back in May, right after a beautiful drizzle that lasted for just a short time, we saw this rainbow. We suggested to Kaleb to hop on his bike and find the end. His orders were to bring home the pot of gold. Being the sceptic that he is, he didn't do it. Though Victoria almost did.
I love living where we can watch the sky and the weather roll in and out. I love change, the changing of the seasons, the weather, the animals...