Friday, June 28, 2013

Humane Society Day Camp

 I have been so busy getting the shirt business up and running that at the last minute we saw a day camp at the Humane Society. Victoria is such a doggy person that we signed her up that day. She learned quite a few things that are important when you have a dog. Of course she fell in love with these two puppies. Like we can have another puppy let alone two puppies. And they look reall cute when they are little and tired. Get them home, rest them up a couple days to recoop from being at the pound and they become wild puppies. Atleast that is what happened with Henry. These two pups were named Wiggles and Swiggles. It was hard for her not to fall in love with all the dogs. I am a firm believer to adopt rescue dogs than buy a dog from a breeder or a pet shop.  They come with quirky personalities and funny breeds but they need a home and be loved. I can't imagine our life without our doggies.

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