Friday, June 28, 2013

Prairie Party

 Our friend Amber had a wonderful Praire Party for the kids in her class. They studied the Little House on the Prairie books. It was Victoria's favorite class. Victoria was practically begging that I have her pioneer outfit for volunteering at American West Heritage Center be completely sewn by the time of the party.  Not only is Amber's home absolutely beautiful but was a perfect setting. They ate food that the pioneers would have eaten. They had ham, cucumbers, roasted potatoes and bread. Victoria and her Dad baked a pumpkin pie the night before. It was delicious. They played pioneer games just before a down pour of rain. I couldn't believe how much rain. It was unbelieveable. Amber even had a little mercantile set up in a pantry. I think the kids loved that part the most. They shopped for candy that only cost a penny. I loved that there were both boys and girls in this class. They had a wonderful time both in the class and at the party.
Each of the kids chose which character they wanted to be from the stories. The boys chose Royal and Alfanzo "because they were the only boys in the stories!" I thought they were cute. Victoria chose Laura because she can relate to her with being somewhat of a tomboy kind of character and that she likes to climb trees. I could have guessed all along that she would identify with Laura Ingalls Wilder.  They have quite of few of the same personality traits.

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