Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

The first picture of Kim and I in YEARS....
and I took it myself.
All the Grandkids out of order. All the Grandkids in ageAll the kids out of control!
It was hard to get them without someone blinking or looking the other way, or making a wierd face.


Santa brought me Pickles!
Santa also brought a huge barrel of pretzels, kind of like the ones you get at Costco.
Sammy saw the pretzels and was staring at them through the container.
He started to slowly lick the outside of the container as if he would actually taste them through the plastic.
He cracks me up.


This is my favorite Christmas decoration.
Jared made this in Sunday School
when he was only 5.
For Jared to sit long enough and glue something was a huge deal. I think that is why I love it so much. And it goes along with his personality. You know, Mary glued to a 2x4... I will never forget him carrying them out the door in paper lunch sacks and handing them to me saying "here, these are for you". And off he ran. So Jared.

Christmas Cat

Toby is a pretty cat...and huge. He looks a little dorky wearing a red ribbon.
Not too masculine.
But it made Daphne happy.
Atleast she didn't make him wear baby clothes like she did when they were little.

Our Children

Everyone is dressed and ready for Christmas Eve service. I think that is what I love most about this time of year. The church services always sound prettier at night. Victoria and Kaleb were very involved in the Children's service with singing and being a reader. It was a noisy service and very packed. It was beautiful to see all of the parents bringing their little ones to partake with the service and just feel the Joy of Christmas ringing out. There were these two little toddler girls dancing in the aisle. It was sweet. And all the little kids dressed in their Christmas best. I have never seen so many beautiful dresses in one place. I think Victoria is determined to get our money's worth out of hers. On Christmas eve she had already worn it 4 times. It should fit her next year too.

I was very pleased to catch the two seconds of sweet faces before any shoving began.


Awhhh...he actually looks cute.
Bad dog isn't supposed to be on the couch. Sneaky.
He is probably think that if he hides among the christmas pillows we won't see him.

Elf Interviews

During the last week of school before Christmas I am always looking for something fun to do. So we did a creative writing project where they applied for Elf jobs in Santas Workshop. They had to write up a letter for an application, get a reference letter from someone and go through an interview. They actually took it seriously and really thought out which job they wanted to apply for and why. It was hilarious.

Jared's name was Bob Fish and he applied for Warehouse Supervisor and claimed that no child would see into Santas Workshop while he is on command. He could see all camera monitors at the same time. Past job experience was guarding nukes in Russia and working in Area 51, which he can't talk about.

Kaleb's name was Big Jim Hefty and he applied for Santas Personal Trainer. He claimed that since he could train athletes for the Olympics that he could get Santa slimmed down from a night of high cookie consumption.

Daphne's name was Lea Frost and she applied for Barn Assistant. Her experience of withstanding extreme temperatures and knowledge of reindeer would make her perfect for provinding healthy and dependable transportation for Santa on the big night.

Fall Has Arrived

This is proof that Fall has finally arrived...the week of Christmas.
Hopefully Winter will find its way and give us atleast two days before Spring sprouts.

Learning to Ride a Two-Wheeler

Last Spring Victoria was so close to riding a two-wheeler but then it got hot and who wants to run along side a bike in 110 degree heat. She has been speeding up and down the street on her bike with training wheels with them barely touching the ground so we took them off and headed to the park. And you can't learn to ride a bike without Daddy running along side holding onto your seat waiting for the right time to let go. She was getting a little tired here and was starting to crash a little too much. I think it may be time to quit. When Kaleb was learning, we came to the same park to practice where there was plenty of room to maneuver without hitting cars or trash barrels. He and I worked on it for quite a while and of course the only pole around he must have run into it atleast twice. The one day that Kirk took him to the park to practice, I was at work. I got a call at work from Kaleb to tell me that he did it. I wasn't there to see it! So the very next day we all went so he could show me what I missed and he rode his bike AND ran into the only pole around! Jared stole Kaleb's bike (which is actually Jared's old bike) and took off. The dogs would love nothing better than to break loose and run, run, run. The problem with that thought is that they probably wouldn't stop and have to go meet every person or dog they see.

Christmas Cookies!

Daphne started making cookies while I was at work the other day which sparked a few others. You can't have Christmas without homemade cookies.
There was a time that I was all alone out in the kitchen baking away but now I have two daughters who are eager to help.
They do an excellent job.
More importantly, I have greatfully handed over the task and allowed for their own creativity in the kitchen.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Nursery

The Birthing Center where I work is closing permanently next month. I am not happy about it. Not only was it the perfect job to juggle with Homeschooling the kids but it was my perfect job to get away and take care of premies. So now I have to start all over and find a new job. One that is further away and is going to take more mental time. Blah, Blah, Blah!
Isn't this the sweetest little baby you ever saw?
I was once an adrenalin junkie taking the more difficult patients with the most machinery used to keep the child alive.
But now I just want to feed premies and newborns. And take care of the baby in C-sections and deliveries.
But now I and 99 other nurses have to leave and find jobs in an economy where there are shortages of jobs! UUGGGHHHH!
Well, God has a plan...right?

Dr. Jarman

We have been seeing Dr. Jarman and his "girls" since I was pregnant with Victoria! He worked a miracle with Daphne's teeth and created and enhanced a beautiful smile. He knows he has job security when he looks at all of our kids. He even checks on the other kids to see how they are doing knowing that he is going to see us for a very long time. I always tease him that how come he doesn't drive his hummer to work or "how is that summer house coming along?". He insists that he isn't rich off of our money and that he doesn't have a summer home. Braces are so expensive and I am thankful for tax returns. And Jared's braces will be coming off very soon. Very exciting.
Dr. Jarman teases all the kids. He always asks Jared how his girlfriend is which gets Jared all frazzled because he doesn't have one. He teases Daphne extra. He usually flips her long hair back up over the chair and over her face when he finishes with her teeth. So she usually looks like Cousin It. It is pretty funny as she is digging herself out of her hair. They even share a birthday, Oct. 25th.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Wonderland Festival

It is that time again for Arizona's rendition of snow. Our friends had their winter festival at their church. Victoria and Hannah had fun sliding down a snow hill, jumping in a jumpy thing, pony rides and a petting zoo. Kaleb and his friend Zach hung out on the snow hill almost the entire time.

Hannah just walked up to this chicken and picked it up holding it out for Victoria to hold. She wasn't too sure if she wanted to hold it. These were the skinniest chickens I have ever felt. You could totally feel their breast bone through their feathers. They are skinny probably from getting a ton of exercise from little kids running after them trying to pick them up. The ducks kept huddling in this corner next to a pole thinking that they were hiding from all these little kids. The bunnies stayed in between the goats feet. They were all so tolerant. This is probably the only glimpse we had of Kaleb. He was off with his friend Zach all evening. These two are just down right crazy girls. Kelly and I found time to sit a moment when the girls were in line to get a balloon animal. We were both ready to go home and sleep. Our beds were calling us.

Cooking Club

Only 3 were able to get together for December's Cooking Club this month. The girls baked chocolate peppermint cookies. They tasted really good. It is amazeing how loud little girls can be even when there are only three.

Tale of Despereaux

Kaleb and I have been reading the Tale of Despereaux. Kaleb has a soft spot for mice and mouse stories. He was inspired to sew a mouse like Despereaux. So we found this pattern online for free. I just wish I could remember where I found it so we could give credit to it. He sewed this all by himself. He is getting pretty good at it.

Outdoor Games

This gives new meaning to outdoor games.
In our house it means playing Horseopoly in the front yard on the coffee table.
I think what was really going on was the boys were supervising Victoria playing in the front yard with the two little kids a couple doors down.


My Mom was feeling a little short around the kids at Thanksgiving.
She said either everyone was growing taller or she was shrinking.
It is probably a little bir of both.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This is my cousin Kathy's little dog Zeus.
He was trying to get these snowballs off his face by rubbing his face in snow.
It only made it worse.
He couldn't see and was doing the Stevie Wonder thing when he plays the piano.
The picture below...he had snowballs collected between his front legs
and was walking wierd.
Poor little guy. He still likes the snow though.
He is so cute and tiny.