Monday, December 13, 2010


This is my cousin Kathy's little dog Zeus.
He was trying to get these snowballs off his face by rubbing his face in snow.
It only made it worse.
He couldn't see and was doing the Stevie Wonder thing when he plays the piano.
The picture below...he had snowballs collected between his front legs
and was walking wierd.
Poor little guy. He still likes the snow though.
He is so cute and tiny.

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Katherine said...

This is so funny. Just today I had to melt more snow balls off of him. He was standing by the frig acting kind of funny. I then noticed he was heavy laden with snow. I then stick him in the kennel till he dries off. He still loves the snow. I love the new blog look. How do you get your header to fit, I always have to go in and change the HTML settings. It's a big ordeal.