Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr. Jarman

We have been seeing Dr. Jarman and his "girls" since I was pregnant with Victoria! He worked a miracle with Daphne's teeth and created and enhanced a beautiful smile. He knows he has job security when he looks at all of our kids. He even checks on the other kids to see how they are doing knowing that he is going to see us for a very long time. I always tease him that how come he doesn't drive his hummer to work or "how is that summer house coming along?". He insists that he isn't rich off of our money and that he doesn't have a summer home. Braces are so expensive and I am thankful for tax returns. And Jared's braces will be coming off very soon. Very exciting.
Dr. Jarman teases all the kids. He always asks Jared how his girlfriend is which gets Jared all frazzled because he doesn't have one. He teases Daphne extra. He usually flips her long hair back up over the chair and over her face when he finishes with her teeth. So she usually looks like Cousin It. It is pretty funny as she is digging herself out of her hair. They even share a birthday, Oct. 25th.

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Katherine said...

Oh cool to have this picture of someone who has been an important, intimate part of your lives for so long.