Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Wonderland Festival

It is that time again for Arizona's rendition of snow. Our friends had their winter festival at their church. Victoria and Hannah had fun sliding down a snow hill, jumping in a jumpy thing, pony rides and a petting zoo. Kaleb and his friend Zach hung out on the snow hill almost the entire time.

Hannah just walked up to this chicken and picked it up holding it out for Victoria to hold. She wasn't too sure if she wanted to hold it. These were the skinniest chickens I have ever felt. You could totally feel their breast bone through their feathers. They are skinny probably from getting a ton of exercise from little kids running after them trying to pick them up. The ducks kept huddling in this corner next to a pole thinking that they were hiding from all these little kids. The bunnies stayed in between the goats feet. They were all so tolerant. This is probably the only glimpse we had of Kaleb. He was off with his friend Zach all evening. These two are just down right crazy girls. Kelly and I found time to sit a moment when the girls were in line to get a balloon animal. We were both ready to go home and sleep. Our beds were calling us.

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Katherine said...

What a great thing to do, what is funny are the coats everyone is wearing. Was it even cold. I love Victoria's face going down on her sled.