Monday, December 27, 2010

Learning to Ride a Two-Wheeler

Last Spring Victoria was so close to riding a two-wheeler but then it got hot and who wants to run along side a bike in 110 degree heat. She has been speeding up and down the street on her bike with training wheels with them barely touching the ground so we took them off and headed to the park. And you can't learn to ride a bike without Daddy running along side holding onto your seat waiting for the right time to let go. She was getting a little tired here and was starting to crash a little too much. I think it may be time to quit. When Kaleb was learning, we came to the same park to practice where there was plenty of room to maneuver without hitting cars or trash barrels. He and I worked on it for quite a while and of course the only pole around he must have run into it atleast twice. The one day that Kirk took him to the park to practice, I was at work. I got a call at work from Kaleb to tell me that he did it. I wasn't there to see it! So the very next day we all went so he could show me what I missed and he rode his bike AND ran into the only pole around! Jared stole Kaleb's bike (which is actually Jared's old bike) and took off. The dogs would love nothing better than to break loose and run, run, run. The problem with that thought is that they probably wouldn't stop and have to go meet every person or dog they see.

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Katherine said...

You and Kirk look so good. I love these pictures, memories!