Monday, December 27, 2010

Elf Interviews

During the last week of school before Christmas I am always looking for something fun to do. So we did a creative writing project where they applied for Elf jobs in Santas Workshop. They had to write up a letter for an application, get a reference letter from someone and go through an interview. They actually took it seriously and really thought out which job they wanted to apply for and why. It was hilarious.

Jared's name was Bob Fish and he applied for Warehouse Supervisor and claimed that no child would see into Santas Workshop while he is on command. He could see all camera monitors at the same time. Past job experience was guarding nukes in Russia and working in Area 51, which he can't talk about.

Kaleb's name was Big Jim Hefty and he applied for Santas Personal Trainer. He claimed that since he could train athletes for the Olympics that he could get Santa slimmed down from a night of high cookie consumption.

Daphne's name was Lea Frost and she applied for Barn Assistant. Her experience of withstanding extreme temperatures and knowledge of reindeer would make her perfect for provinding healthy and dependable transportation for Santa on the big night.


Katherine said...

This is brilliant, Pam. So creative. I love all of the job descriptions.

Carol said...

You guys are so great.