Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In the Writing Workshop class that Victoria takes at our wonderful co-op, they fabricated recipe.  It sounded pretty cute when she read it to me in the car on the way home.  But when I actually saw it and the creative spelling, I loved it even more.  Her being the fourth child, I now know that they do not necessarily grow up to be bad spellers. She actually does really well in spelling. It is better to get the idea down on paper than to worry about spelling and never get your thoughts out.  So I am not too worried about this, but wanted to share it with anyone who ventures into our blog to see what we are up to. So here it is along with a picture.
1 cup of fire
1 cup of wenes (wings)
3 galins (gallons) of scales
2 pinchis (pinches) of eyes
300 galins of teeth
1 pinch of meat
1 galin of  long tale(tail)
How to bake it.....
Put it in a cave that is 100(degrees)hotnis for 1 minit (minute).

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Last weekend, I felt inspired to do something totally creative.  I call it messy art.
I like anything worn, tattered, lived, loved and handled.
I saw some blocks on Pinterest somewhere and wanted to do something like it.  I purposely didn't go back to the photo because I didn't want to try to duplicate what I saw, I wanted to come up with something with the supplies I had on hand.  The only resources I had was cardboard and paint.  And knowing that my wonderful husband didn't want to get "sucked" in to one of my project...(those are his words), I decided I had better stick with something that I can cut on my own.
I actually thought cutting cardboard was going to be much harder than it was but with a fresh blade in my own pink Husky box cutter, that I will not anyone use but me...I know, I'm possessive. I just need to ensure that when I want to use it, it will be where it belongs.  With Kirk, there is no guarantee that he will know where he puts things after he uses tools.  I like to know where my "stuff" is.
So....back to the cardboard.  I was a little nervous just painting it where everyone can watch.  I was hoping that they weren't thinking....ewww....gross! But the basement was too cold for my liking and the kitchen table was much warmer. I pretty much hated it until I took this stain that I had found at Michaels a while back to antique the squares.
Needless to say, it was fun. My hands were a mess. I think it turned out great for being cardboard and paint. My family isn't apalled by it's presence hanging in the dining area.
Life is Good.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

It is hard to believe that we have added another teenager to our little family. 
Kaleb is now 13!
I have no idea when this happened.
 He has always been the "little guy" in my mind and heart.
 But now he is almost taller than me.  He isn't quite the little guy any more.
But, he sure does have the same quirky, funny, goofiness that he has always had.
He has to be the only baby I ever knew that could be crying and laugh right in the middle of his tears.
Wow, I'm feeling old.
I am really proud of my boy.
He is growing into a wonderful young man....
My crescent moon-eyed boy.