Saturday, January 19, 2013


Last weekend, I felt inspired to do something totally creative.  I call it messy art.
I like anything worn, tattered, lived, loved and handled.
I saw some blocks on Pinterest somewhere and wanted to do something like it.  I purposely didn't go back to the photo because I didn't want to try to duplicate what I saw, I wanted to come up with something with the supplies I had on hand.  The only resources I had was cardboard and paint.  And knowing that my wonderful husband didn't want to get "sucked" in to one of my project...(those are his words), I decided I had better stick with something that I can cut on my own.
I actually thought cutting cardboard was going to be much harder than it was but with a fresh blade in my own pink Husky box cutter, that I will not anyone use but me...I know, I'm possessive. I just need to ensure that when I want to use it, it will be where it belongs.  With Kirk, there is no guarantee that he will know where he puts things after he uses tools.  I like to know where my "stuff" is.
So....back to the cardboard.  I was a little nervous just painting it where everyone can watch.  I was hoping that they weren't thinking....ewww....gross! But the basement was too cold for my liking and the kitchen table was much warmer. I pretty much hated it until I took this stain that I had found at Michaels a while back to antique the squares.
Needless to say, it was fun. My hands were a mess. I think it turned out great for being cardboard and paint. My family isn't apalled by it's presence hanging in the dining area.
Life is Good.

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Az Lowe's said...

Pam... To make a work of Art out of cardboard you amaze me! Beautiful!