Friday, June 28, 2013

Hogle Zoo!

 As a last hurrah to the school year, we traveled two hours to the Hogle Zoo in SLC for an outing. I am so glad that we did. we had hemmed and hawed about whether or not we should take the time to go. With Kirk leaving for work in the morning out of state, we figured, yeah, lets go for it. Our family needed the time away. It was a wonderful day.
Plus, they had Lego animals there on display.
I love that picture of Kaleb! He is so handsome.
 Kaleb was fascinated by the animals on display. They were incredibly accurate. I think Kaleb could be a master builder for the Lego company. He is quite skilled in Lego building. I am always amazed at what the boys put together with a bunch of bricks.
 Victoria wanted her picture with almost every statue. It was cute. We have pictures in the hallway of the boys wrestling an alligator to the ground like the Crocodile Hunter. So she was inspired to have her picture taken with each of the animals that she saw.
 We took our time poking through the zoo watching the animals for an extended time. It was nice to not rush. We were tired after walking the full extent of the zoo a couple times. We had to back track because we missed the polar bear. And then he wouldn't cooperate for a picture. He looked like a fluffy blob. Oh well.
It was a beautiful day well spent. 

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