Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last of the Snow.......

 Not only is it totally ridiculous that our Christmas lights were still up until the first weekend of March, but the boys discovered that they needed tools to remove the lights from the eaves.
I know....we had several icicles that needed to be chipped away to free the wiring and a few light bulbs. We have experienced quite a few "firsts" since moving here. 
Victoria and her Dad got in some last minute building. Yes, it really was warm enough for Kirk to not be wearing a jacket. It is so wierd to feel like 43 degrees is warm. We have loved the winter but now that the snow is melting and the grass is beginning to show, we are looking forward to Spring and all of it's splendor.  I have always wanted to live somewhere where there are all four seasons.....
We love it here.

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