Monday, April 29, 2013

Signs of Spring

 Kaleb and I spotted a new baby colt as we came around the corner on our way home.
Of course he was standing, looking precious until we walked back up the road to take a picture.
Then his widdle wegs were tuckered out.....
he just had to lay down.
With his back to us.
 He has a new little friend just behind the fence.
 We will have to catch him standing for a picture.
What a sweet little thing with his tiny tail....
 and his stubby mane.
Just like a little newborn baby with super soft hair standing upright.
Kind of reminds me of Jared when he was born.
 Well, I know where to find Daphne and Victoria if they ever go missing.
Hanging out with the babies.
If you look close enough you can see my reflection on the ladybugs back!
How cool is that?

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