Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crab Treat

This crab that we babysat for my nephew about 6 years ago and never went home, had an Easter treat last Sunday.  I claim to not know his name, but really it is Louie or Lou or something like that. Either way, the thing just hangs out in this tank with nothing to do. We just feed it, water it, mist it and it ....  LIVES! Anyway, on Easter morning Victoria discovered a plastic egg tucked away in his tank. The egg cracked open and revealed a Hershy's Kiss. Well, she thought there was only one that had popped out. Really, there were two. One must have fallen in the crevace of the log. Two mornings later we had one deeply satisfied hermit crab. And alive too. Louie had found a delicious treat in his habitat. I guess it is true with hermit crabs....Finders Keepers. He probably thought he died and went to heaven to find a piece of chocolate all to himself. He managed to carefully unwrap the foil wrapper and eat every single crumb of chocolate. The little tag was tucked up in his shell. I didn't check to see if he had chocolate on his face.  I wouldn't really be sure where to look for that. I DID check to see that he was still alive.  He seems to be doing just fine and doesn't have the same effect it would have had on a room full of kids. He slept all day.

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