Monday, April 29, 2013

Geography Fair

The kids participated in a Geography Fair.
We hadn't done one in so long it was fun (in a way) to watch the kids get it together. Daphne spent some time building this Celtic Round House out of clay. She actually weaved or wove the house walls and applied paper mache over top.  It was pretty impressive.
 Kaleb learned everything there was to know about Fiji. He paper mached the islands and of course did an awesome job. They looked professionally done. Though the report part of it nearly killed him (or me) but he (we) did survive.  He learned about cannibal forks and how a king once ate a missionary but declined to eat his boots. They did try, I guess the leather on his boots was just a little too tough.
 Victoria was inspired by a friend of ours to build her presentation on France.  She painted a watercolor painting of the Eiffel Tower all by herself. She had taken a watercolor class at Star Academy so she assured me that she knew what she was doing.  It was really weird for her not to need any help but refreshing at the same time. Same with her salt dough map of France. I pretty much turned her loose. And she was loose.....
 Jared chose a country that I barely knew existed. The women have unibrows. And if they don't naturally have one, then they paint one on. In America, we do everything possible to not have a unibrow. In Tajikistan it is culturally beautiful and accepting to have on. 
 All the kids that participated did an awesome job researching and putting together their projects.
We are very blessed to have wonderful friends.

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